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Mayor Tom Laughren

Mayor Tom Laughren

MAYOR Tom Laughren

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Our municipality owes its existence to the initiative and efforts of prospectors by the names of Harry Preston, Sandy McIntyre and Benny Hollinger, who in the early 1900’s discovered gold. Financiers Noah and Henry Timmins were responsible for the development of the Hollinger Mine and, thus, the name Timmins came to the forefront and has been our proud designation ever since. In 1964, the Texas Gulf Sulphur Company discovered a huge deposit of copper, zinc and silver, as well as other base metals in what is now known as Kidd Creek Mining and Metallurgical Divisions, operated by Xstrata Copper Kidd Mine.

We are fortunate also to have within our boundaries, the Porcupine Joint Venture project under the auspices of Goldcorp Canada Ltd. and Kinross Gold Corp. and Rio Tinto Minerals Luzanac Inc. There is Tembec, Domtar and Grant Forest Products in the forestry industry.

Through our Timmins Economic Development Corporation, we have been able to attract a TeleTech Call Centre, which is now one of our major employers.

But mainly, Timmins is about people. A City that was multicultural before the rest of Canada knew what that word meant.

Come visit us for the best sporting, musical and cultural experience of your lifetime.

Tom Laughren