Hollinger Park – many upgrades planned to take place over the next few years

October 23, 2018 – The Hollinger Park is undergoing a major facelift, with many upgrades planned to take place over the next few years, and the City is asking for the public’s patience while the popular park sees changes and improvements.

The City is committed to providing regular updates as work progresses, and encourages those with questions or concerns to contact the City of Timmins directly.

For the week of Oct. 22-27:

  • Work at the park has slowed due to the inclement weather;
  • The new concrete curb of the around the splashpad has been poured;
  • The swing set that was scheduled to be installed, has been postponed until later this month due to the large amount of rain;
  • The soil remediation has been slowed also due to the rain;
  • Work on the grandstands continues by Praztek Construction;


Due to a report issued regarding soil contamination, significant fill is required to be added to the park. This reality provided an opportunity for the redesign of the open-space area, leading to a five-year phased plan being developed.A conceptual design was prepared by Dillon Consulting in 2018 and the city has also secured the services of an engineering firm to complete a detailed lot grading and drainage plan to accommodate the soil that is to be added to the site.

The complete 2016 Hollinger Park Soil Sampling report is available through the City’s website:




Media Contact: Heather Duhn, Corporate Communications Coordinator

705-360-2600, ext. 2212      heather.duhn@timmins.ca

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