June 30, 2018 – The City of Timmins and Stars and Thunder Committee would like to advise festival-goers what to do in case of inclement, unfavourable weather.

While we are hopeful the forecast will turn around for concert goers, should we experience more thunder storms, please stay safe and follow this protocol:

  • When lightning or thunder occurs in the area, please stay where you are, remain calm and wait for direction from festival organizers;
  • Should the park need to be evacuated due to the proximity of lightning, we ask that you file out of the park in an orderly manner;
  • Updates in regards to restart of shows will be provided on the festival and City of Timmins Facebook pages, as well as the City of Timmins website;
  • If the lightning conditions are moving quickly through the area and you are asked to evacuate, please move to a safe location outside the festival grounds and await notification of restart of shows. Safe areas include – inside a building, inside your vehicle, etc. Unsafe areas include – under metal-frame tents, open areas, and under trees.

Please keep this in mind should we experience weather conditions which could affect your safety on the festival grounds and have a wonderful time at this premiere event.



Media Contact: Heather Duhn, Corporate Communications Coordinator

705-360-2600, ext. 2212

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