May 3, 2017 – Recent discussions in the community have prompted the need for clarification on Notices of Disruption regarding the requirement for sewage bypass.

The City of Timmins publically issues these notices to advise its residents of activities, which have been occurring for many years.

Recent bypasses that occurred were due to high flow events associated with the spring melt, and blockages with the system from personal hygiene products. Bypasses occur when flows exceed the capacity of our pumping station and treatment plant. The bypass of sewage and storm water is discharged into the local waterway (Porcupine Lake), which assists in minimizing the impact on local residents, such as basement flooding.

The City of Timmins conducts water quality testing of Porcupine Lake during the ice-free months. This activity has been occurring since 2013. Since the inception of the water quality monitoring, there has been no negative impacts on the water quality to Porcupine Lake.

The City of Timmins would like to remind residents not to flush personal hygiene products, as these items cause obstructions within the sanitary system (i.e. blockages in sewer main and pumps, etc.)



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