March 1, 2017  – It is apparent that there is some concern and confusion regarding the scope of the newly-proposed Home-Based Business License, and which types of businesses require such a license.

The definition of a Home Occupation for the purpose of the license is:

  • An occupation, trade, business, profession or craft carried on as an accessory use to the use of the dwelling as the private residence of the person carrying on the occupation, trade, business,  profession or craft where the public is invited to the residence for any purpose associated with the occupation, trade, business, profession or craft.

It is important to note that a major factor is whether or not the business invites the public to the residence for the purpose of conducting business. This means small businesses that do not invite the public to their home such as Avon and Tupperware type sales, online businesses, arts/craft/hobbies where the product is brought to another location for sale or any other business where the public DOES NOT actually attend the owner’s home, would not require a license.

The purpose of this license is to ensure:

  • The business has the appropriate insurance to cover any incident that may occur involving their patrons;
  • The business is not causing a nuisance to the neighbourhood in which it operates;
  • The residence is properly zoned for the business activities occurring and has not outgrown what is appropriate for the area.

Should you have any questions concerning the home occupation section or any other part of the newly-proposed Business Licensing By-Law, please feel free to contact the Enforcement Services Department either by email at or telephone at 705-360-2614.


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