March 16, 2018 – The City of Timmins is pleased to announce the confirmation of $3 Million in funding from the Ministry of Transportation for work on the Connecting Link Project.

Through the Ministry’s Connecting Links Program, Ontario is helping municipalities repair their roadways and bridges that connect two ends of a provincial highway through a community or to a border crossing. The Timmins connecting link is one of the largest in the province, including just over 21km of highway. This year will mark phase three of the project, and work will be tendered within the coming weeks.

“This generous funding will allow us to continue work on the connecting link for the third straight year,” said Timmins CAO Dave Landers. “The connecting link has been a major priority for the City of Timmins for many years and we are happy to be able to move forward to the next phase with the assistance of government funding. Last year, we had to finance the second phase of the project entirely with municipal dollars and it is encouraging to have the province return as a partner for the third year of this critical infrastructure work. This is the second time in three years that the City of Timmins has successfully lobbied and received the maximum funding allowed under the provincial program.”

Manager of Engineering Pat Seguin explained the third year of the project will see work begin at the Bruce Y and proceed east toward Legion Drive. Work will also be done to rehabilitate the Porcupine River Box Culvert, which will ensure a complete restoration of areas infrastructure is completed simultaneously.

“This is a priority area of the Connecting Link due to the culvert being at end of life, and significant deterioration of pavement in the area,” explained Seguin. “The Connecting Link represents one of the most important infrastructure assets in the City of Timmins and the reconstruction plan is a core priority for the City of Timmins. We have been able to complete an unprecedented amount of work on the Connecting Link this term and that is in large part due to the partnership resulting from the Government of Ontario acknowledging and addressing their role in the work.”

“We have been really pleased with discussions with the Minister of Transportation, Minister of Infrastructure and the Premier when it comes to the Connecting Link Project in Timmins,” said Mayor Steve Black. “They have responded to our concerns in the last three years by reinstating the Connecting Link Program, followed by doubling of the dollars committed annually to the program, as well as funding significant portions of two of the three phases of the work done in Timmins. I want to thank our staff and engineering team who have been working with Ministry staff to emphasize the importance of this project, and preparing materials for meetings with Ministers. Although we are happy to receive funding again in 2018, we are also happy that recent discussions with provincial officials seem to indicate they are aware that Timmins is in a unique Connecting Link position due to the size and status of our portion or this roadway within the province. We are hopeful the province will work with us to develop alternative funding streams to allow us to complete the remainder of the project. I would like to thank Minster McGarry and Premier Wynne for their commitment to reinstating the program and continuing to work with the City of Timmins to advance this critical project.



Media Contact: Heather Duhn, Corporate Communications Coordinator

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