Door-to-Door Sales

September 7, 2017 –  City staff wish to advise the public once again that door-to-door businesses have no affiliation with the Corporation of the City of Timmins.  These businesses are required to provide liability insurance to the Corporation, provide business legitimacy, and purchase a business license in order to operate within City limits.  Sales agents are also required to provide identification and clear criminal background checks when purchasing a license.

Some residents have advised that the sales agents are claiming to be affiliated with the City of Timmins and / or the Government when presenting their identification. We wish to advise residents that any documentation provided with the City of Timmins logo or name is the business license and does not serve to endorse the company or its representatives.  Others have reported the sales agents are informing them that there are issues with carbon quality on their water tanks or softening systems.

It is the consumer’s right whether or not to allow these sales agents into their homes. As per the Timmins Police Services, “The public is reminded that no person or company representative can access your domicile without the express permission and consent of the homeowner”.

Media Release – Door-to-Door salesmen

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