Freedom of the City Parade

Timmins, ON The Algonquin Regiment, with military personnel from North Bay and Timmins is ready to exercise its right to hold a Freedom of the City Parade this Saturday, Sept 22. The parade will start from the Timmins Armories at 10:30am, destination City Hall. The Regiment will also be joined by members of the local Army Cadet Corp.1884. The last time that the Algonquin Regiment exercised the Freedom of The City Parade was 35 years ago when Council of the day  granted them this right.

According to Capt. Ron Drouin “The Freedom of the City was originally granted to the Algonquin Regiment in October of 1977 recognizing our service to Canada and the municipality. It is an acknowledgement of the trust and comradeship shared by the City of Timmins and its citizens, and The Algonquin Regiment. The regiment has served Canada for the past 112 years, and has been a part of this community for the past 92 years.This type of parade is not done on a regular basis but the regiment saw an opportunity to take part in the City’s 100th Anniversary celebrations by marching to City Hall and presenting the city with a gift as a token of it’s appreciation for the City’s support to the regiment over the years.”

Led by the Timmins Police Pipes and Drums Band, 60 members of the regiment will march through the City in full uniform, regimental colours flying,  rifles at hand with bayonets fixed. They will arrive at City Hall at approximately 10:45 am where Lieutenant- Colonel Pat Bryden of Petawawa will knock three times on the front doors of City Hall with his bayonet.  There he will invite Michael Doody to inspect the regiment.

“We are honoured to have the Algonquin Regiment exercise their right to a Freedom of the City Parade at a time where the City celebrates 100 years. The Algonquin Regiment has been an important part of our fabric and we are grateful for the role it has played in our community over the years. To have them march through the streets of Timmins, colours flying, rifles at hand, bayonets fixed is special. We are lucky to have a military presence in our community and grateful to have them exercise their right to a Freedom of the City Parade.” added Mayor Laughren.

The parade route is as follows: 

Start 10:30am, End 12:30pm

1 March from armoury to Algonquin A via Bon Air access road 1030hrs

2 Turn left West on Algonquin

3 Halted by police at Spruce

4 Proceed to cedar and halt B here for approx 20 minutes 1045 1110hrs

5 Left wheel South down Cedar to Third

6 Left wheel East on Third to Spruce 1115hrs

7 Left wheel North on Spruce to Algonquin

8 Right wheel East on Algonquin to Brunette Rd

9 Right wheel South on Brunette Rd to cenotaph 1130hrs

10 Left wheel off Brunette Rd to front of cenotaph D

11 Return to armoury via Bon Air parking lot



“The privilege of being granted the “Freedom of the City” is an ancient and honoured tradition which began in the 15th century and was developed when cities and towns were surrounded and protected by walls.  During the War of the Roses in England, cities were constantly endangered by military units attempting to march through, and sometimes, inhabit them.  Historically, before the unit could pass through the city walls, the Chief Constable would demand to know the reason why the unit had arrived.  He would then escort their commander to the chambers of city council.  If the city leaders felt that the unit could be trusted, the unit would be granted the privilege known as the “Freedom of the City”.  This allowed the unit to enter the city without first being required to disarm; that is, with drums beating, banners flying, and weapons carried.”

For more information on this event contact Capt. Ron Drouin 705-268-4695 0r 705-465-4141



Media Contact:

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