April 20, 2017 – A new category has been added to the City of Timmins’ online subscriptions service, which allows all interested parties to receive notices directly to their email.

The city’s subscription service now includes a ‘Council Meetings’ category, which will serve to inform subscribers of any changes to Council meeting times, when special meetings are added, or if there is a meeting cancellation. Existing subscribers should re-subscribe in order to include the recently added category.

Last summer, the City issued a release encouraging residents to subscribe to updates through the website to receive items such as news releases, notices of disruption, schedules (such as snow removal, street sweeping, garbage pickup, etc.), job posting and other updates directly to their inbox.

Subscribing to updates is quick and easy, and ensures you’re always kept up to date on the latest City news:

These updates are also automatically posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we invited residents to follow us on social media. While we encourage engagement and two-way communication through our social media pages, it is important to not these sites are not monitored 24/7, therefore concerns requiring immediate attention should be reported by phone or email. We’d also like to remind residents that our social media pages maintain family standards, fostering civil and constructive discussion.


Media Contact: Heather Duhn, Corporate Communications Coordinator
705-360-2600, ext. 2212

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