December 15, 2016 – The City of Timmins will have to declare a vacancy on Council as Andre Grzela has submitted his official resignation to the City Clerk today.

Grzela and his family were faced with a difficult decision to make when a business opportunity was extended to them.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that presented itself, and after much consideration, we have decided to go for it,” said Grzela. “The most difficult part of the decision was that we will have to leave Timmins. This opportunity is in Orleans, Ottawa. To leave my family and friends, an elected position, a fulfilling job and a place I am so proud to call home was not an easy task. It took countless days and hours of discussion, and finally we made the decision to take the leap.”

Andre’s experience on Council has been, he says, was worthwhile: “It is a great honour to have had the opportunity to serve on Council, a position that enabled me to help many residents and learn so much from staff and other members of Council. The residents, staff and Council have taught me many life lessons that, I believe, have enabled me to make this difficult choice. A wise person once told me, ‘trust the timing of your life’ and that’s exactly what we’re doing. I would like to thank the residents of Timmins, and not just those who have supported me. Those who opposed my decisions made me work harder to ensure I was able to explain the rationale behind the decisions; which proved to be an invaluable exercise.”

Andre said the City with the Heart of Gold will always be near and dear to his heart, and said the future of Timmins is bright. He looks forward to being reunited with residents to celebrate Stars and Thunder on Canada Day, and promises to continue being a dedicated advocate for Timmins and the North.

The Councillor will continue in his role on Council until Tuesday, January 3, 2017 to wrap up any unfinished business, following which, he will be opening his store, Beachcomber Hot Tub Orleans in 2017. “I invite anyone from Timmins who travels to Ottawa to drop by and say hello.”

“Although we are disappointed to lose such a dedicated member of council we wish Councillor Grzela the best of luck in his new business opportunity,” said Mayor Steve Black. “His passion for improving the community for seniors, families and all residents was a significant asset to council and will be missed”.



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