May 31, 2018 – A ceremony was held at the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre Tuesday night to recognize two individuals who have made a difference for the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival – Dr. John Shaw and Marcel Pelchat.

Two of the races have been officially dedicated to the memory of these two individuals who gave of themselves to the event and believed in it wholeheartedly. The namings of the Dr. John Shaw Senior Masters Recreational Challenge, and the Marcel Pelchat Ontario Power Generation Elite Challenge were well-received by other supporters and the two respective families.

Shaw was 77 when he paddled his final race before passing away in 2016, and Pelchat’s insight and dedication to the family-focused event was phenomenal.

“John was very humble, very quiet, not a boardroom type of guy, but a backroom type of guy,” said Manager of Tourism and Events Guy Lamarche. “He would often come to see me and provide some critical input in terms of how we should be tweaking the challenges that mattered to his age group. He was still a kid at heart. It was very important to recognize and build on that legacy.”

When it comes to Pelchat, Lamarche said “He truly believed in the festival and truly believe in having his corporate partner continue to fund us because he knew, as I did, that for many, many families in this community, this was the closest thing to a vacation. I want Marcel’s legacy to live on, I want those things that he believed in and pushed for to resonate with others that are coming aboard.”



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