Timmins, ON – With the start of the mild weather the Public Works Department is installing signs on Monday March 26th advising motorists that the Reduced Load by-law is in effect.


The by-law is imperative in protecting sensitive road infrastructure, and serves to regulate the loads of commercial motor vehicles and trailers on certain highways and streets within the City of Timmins during a specified period of time.


By-law No 2006-6275 states that “during the period of commencement on the first day of March and terminating on or before the 15th day of June in any given year, commercial motor vehicles and trailers other than public vehicles operated over or upon any portion of the highways and streets named or described in Schedule A to this by-law are subject to the provisions of Section 122 of the Highway Traffic Act RSO 1990 Chapter H 8 as amended.”


The by-law ( provides a list of roads under Schedule A.