December 1, 2017 – While many are excited to take those sleds out of summer storage, City of Timmins and Timmins Police Service (TPS) staff are reminding riders that a certain level of respect is required.

Earlier this week, TPS issued a media release reminding riders that snowmobiling is not permitted in city parks or on the roads, which was followed by a report of riders taking to local cemeteries. Staff are disheartened by this complete lack of respect.

The report was concerning the Whitney Cemetery, where snowmobile tracks were observed driving over graves where monuments are clearly exposed.

As a result, TPS will be monitoring the area, and those caught snowmobiling in restricted areas such as cemeteries could face charges ranging from Trespassing under the Trespass to Property Act, to Mischief under the Criminal Code if damage is caused to property.




Media Contact: Heather Duhn, Corporate Communications Coordinator

705-360-2600, ext. 2212

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