December 8, 2016 – Expedia.ca has launched a new feature, ranking the 55 coziest cities in Canada. Not surprisingly, the City with the Heart of Gold has made the list.

An email from Expedia.ca representative states: “The list is supported by 2015 data from Expedia customer hotel review to determine cities that are the coziest to travel to.”

The website goes on to explain: “We analyzed thousands of verified Expedia.ca hotel user reviews from our 2015 data, and found the top Canadian cities with the highest comfort ratings. These reviews referenced everything from pillows to fireplaces and anything in between.”

“Timmins is beginning to gain a lot of global recognition,” said Guy Lamarche, Manager of Tourism & Events. “We have a selection of great hotels, a growing list of attractions and festivals, and of course a welcoming community filled with kind people.”

To view the complete list of the 55 Coziest Cities in Canada, visit https://travelblog.expedia.ca/55-coziest-cities-canada/




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