Waste Management

Phone: (705) 360-2646
Fax: (705) 360-2695
Email: environmental.services@timmins.ca

Environmental Services provides the required maintenance of all sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water mains, etc. They pick-up garbage and maintain sanitary landfills and recycling operations. Click here for our periodic Waste Management Alerts.

Below are tips and answers to some commonly asked questions:

Winter Cart Placement

The following points are appropriate for winter cart placement:

  • Waste and recycling carts should not be placed on the street or sidewalk
  • Do not place carts on the road
  • Place within snow bank between road and sidewalk
  • Place inside driveway 2 feet apart

Winter waste cart placement

Correct bin placement 1 metre apart facing the street with blue on the left, grey on the right.