Water & Sewer

Phone: (705) 360-2646
Fax: (705) 360-2695
Email: public_utilities@timmins.ca

Water, sewer and related infrastructure is managed by the Public Utilities Department.

Water Hotline:

(705) 360-2659 (24 hours a day)
For calls related to daily updates on fire hydrant flushing program, status of any current boil water advisory, and schedule shut downs, and other water-related issues

After Hours:

Timmins Police Services Dispatch (705) 264-1201
For calls related to roads issues pertaining to low pressures, discoloured water and no water

The Public Works Department provides the required maintenance of all roads, sidewalks, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water mains, lanes, parking lots, ditches, bridges, etc. They pick-up garbage and maintain sanitary landfills and recycling operations.

Drinking Water Quality Management System Policy

The City of Timmins is committed to continuously provide safe drinking water to every resident by implementing a Quality Management System.

The City of Timmins is committed to the following fundamental principles:

  • Maintenance and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System
  • Compliance with applicable legislation and regulations
  • Provision of clean and reliable drinking water in an environmentally responsible manner.

City of Timmins Water Services Financial Plan

The City of Timmins is required by legislation (O.Reg 453/07) to have a financial plan for its water services. The City has developed a plan, which was recently approved by City of Timmins City Council. Click here to view/download the Water Services Financial Plan.

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance & Repairs

Ongoing programs include inspection and flushing of sanitary sewers, upgrading of sanitary manholes and repairing or replacing sanitary sewers identified for need.

The sanitary sewer service connection from the residence or business to the City sewer main is the responsibility of the individual business or residence.

Storm Sewer Maintenance & Repairs

Upgrading of storm sewer manholes, catch basins and storm sewer are carried out based on identified need. Sand collected in catch basins is vacuumed out. Storm water leaders to buildings are the responsibility of the building owner.

Water Distribution System Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance programs include hydrant and water main flushing, leak repairs, valve repairs and replacement. The onus for service connection repairs and maintenance is generally determined by the property line. For an authoritative description of the allocation of responsibility, residents must consult the City’s Water Use by-law.

Management, Maintenance and Regulation of Waterworks
By-Law No. 1974-253


List of Approved Water Meter Installers
City approved contractors list for the installation of Timmins supplied water meters.


List of Approved Water & Sewer Work Contractors

City-approved contractors list for water and sewer work.