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A series of budget meetings begin this week with a session on water and waste water utility costs scheduled for Wednesday, Dec 1 at 4:30 p.m. in council chambers. The meeting is open to the public and available to stream online at or on Eastlink TV (Channel 10).

The City’s budget process will determine both the operating budget and capital budget for 2022 and follows the City of Timmins’ municipal long-term financial plan that covers a ten-year planning period. The long-term financial plan is designed to anticipate revenues, operating expenses, and capital requirements to better forecast the City’s financial performance.

Residents have the opportunity to not only watch each budget meeting, but review any applicable presentations online and communicate with their member of council if they have any questions or comments related to the prepared material. In addition, the City of Timmins has prepared a video simplifying how the city budget works and provides access to the long-term financial plan, comparative budget reports, and financial statements online at

Why is it important for residents to participate in the budget process? Through the budget process, the City makes decisions to ensure that there is a balance between service levels, infrastructure rehabilitation, development, and financial sustainability. Community feedback helps the City determine which services and investments are priority to our citizens.

The City of Timmins is committed to financial transparency and accountability for the choices that shape our community and impact residents. For more information on the City’s budget process visit > Our Services > Finance. Contact information for all City Councillors is also available online including a detailed ward map under > City Hall > Mayor and Council.
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Nov 29, 2021 at 11:33 AM
The City of Timmins is proud to announce that Karen Bachmann, our Director / Curator of Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre has been honoured with the Distinguished Career Award of Excellence from the Ontario Museum Association (OMA). The OMA Distinguished Career Award of Excellence is presented to individuals who have created a lasting and meaningful contribution within the museum community.

Bachmann began her career at the Timmins Museum in 1986. In her tenure, the Museum has gone through a relocation, renovation, and rebranding. She has personally overseen over 600 temporary and travelling exhibitions. Bachmann is dedicated to preserving and promoting local history and, most recently, was instrumental in creating the City of Timmins’ Municipal Heritage Committee, which will continue to help protect Timmins’ past.

“Karen’s contribution to our community cannot be overstated,” says Mayor George Pirie. “Her passion and dedication for our city’s history is inspiring. In her role as Director/Curator of the Museum, Karen affords our residents the opportunity to see beyond the everyday. This award is well-deserved and I’m happy to offer my sincere congratulations.”

The Ontario Museum Association presented the OMA Awards of Excellence on Thursday, November 25 at the OMA’s annual conference.
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Nov 25, 2021 at 10:48 AM
The latest video series produced by the City of Timmins aims to educate residents on our drinking water, source to tap. The three-part series was produced by Near North Video Production and provides details on source water protection, water treatment, and distribution.

Timmins drinking water source, the Mattagami River, is protected through legislation introduced in 2006 by the Clean Water Act. The City follows a detailed source protection plan that outlines actions carried out to protect our drinking water from contamination and threat. In collaboration with the Mattagami Region Source Protection Authority, the City of Timmins co-ordinates implementation of the source protection plan, including public education and assessment.

“The purpose of the video series is to emphasize the importance of protecting our drinking water source and to explain how water treatment and distribution work within the city.” says Scott Tam, Manager of Environmental Services & Public Utilities. “The City has systems in place that safeguard clean and safe drinking water for our residents, but public education is the key. There are simple steps everyone can take to help protect our drinking water and it starts at home.”

The first video, Source Water Protection, is available now on or on the City’s Youtube and Facebook channels. Parts two and three will be launched on November 29 and December 6 respectively and will describe in detail how water treatment and distribution occur. For more information visit > our services > water and sewer > drinking water source protection program.
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Nov 25, 2021 at 10:46 AM

TAKE NOTICE that the City of Timmins will correct a zoning inaccuracy in the City of Timmins Zoning By-law 2011-7100 as per Section 4.14.1 of the City of Timmins Official Plan.

Location: Plan M10S, Lot 104, Parcel 13789WT, City of Timmins
                    132 Golden Avenue

THE PURPOSE AND EFFECT of the proposed technical amendment is to allow for a correction to Schedule 10 of the City of Timmins Zoning By-law 2011-7100. The zoning designation placed on a portion of the subject lands is currently General Commercial (EA-CG), however the designation should be Residential Second Density (NA-R2).

As per Section 4.14.1 of City of Timmins Official Plan, notification to and consultation with the public is not required for technical amendments, however, notice of the proposed amendment is to be published in the newspaper and posted on the City of Timmins Website.

Additional information relating to the proposed technical Zoning By-law Amendment is available by contacting Cindy Welsh, RPP, MCIP, Manager of Planning at the Planning Division, 220
Algonquin Boulevard East, Timmins, Ontario, telephone number 705-360-2600, ext. 3377.

Dated at the City of Timmins this 16th day of November, 2021.

Property location for 132 Golden Avenue

Posted by David St.Onge  On Nov 16, 2021 at 8:57 AM

Timmins’ Community Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony returns to a full-on, in-person event, with a concert, free hot chocolate, and even more twinkling lights. Last year’s celebration was virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we’re ready to safely gather again to kick off the festive season on Saturday, November 20.

The fun begins at 6:00 p.m. at Hollinger Park with a performance by the Timmins Symphony Choir. Next, we’ll flip the switch on our 40-foot white spruce with over 4,000 sparkling lights. Enjoy free hot chocolate courtesy of the McIntyre Coffee Shop.

Let’s bring our community together in the spirit of Christmas. We ask that everyone practice safe social distancing. We will also be collecting non-perishable food donations for the Timmins and South Porcupine Food Banks. Supported proudly by the City of Timmins, Tourism Timmins, Timmins Community Park Association, and the McIntyre Coffee Shop.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Nov 15, 2021 at 9:46 AM
The flags at Timmins City Hall and all municipally-owned facilities will be lowered to half-mast in honour of Remembrance Day on Thursday, November 11.

Remembrance Day ceremonies will be held in person this year. Residents are encouraged to attend and adhere to social distancing. Ceremonies will be held at the cenotaph in Hollinger Park and in South Porcupine at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 287. In Timmins, the ceremony begins just before 11:00 a.m. The public are asked to be in place by 10:45 a.m. In South Porcupine, the public can watch from Legion Drive and are asked to be in place by 10:40 a.m.

For more information about Remembrance and the Poppy, please visit
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Nov 10, 2021 at 9:41 AM

Porcupine River Bridge closed to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians

Timmins ON - Due to safety concerns about structural integrity, the Porcupine River Bridge on Frederick House Lake Rd. will be closed indefinitely (or for an unknown period of time) to all traffic including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians effective November 22, 2021. Signs alerting travelers to the closure will be posted by November 8. 

Getting Around

Those traveling to points east of the bridge can access Frederick House Lake Road via Hwy. 101 and Carrigan Road. Those travelling to points west of the bridge can access via Frederick House Lake Road.

Porcupine River Bridge detour

About the Closure

The City is closing the Porcupine River Bridge due to safety concerns about the bridge's condition. City staff and contract engineers have been completing increased inspections of the bridge since 2016 and a downgrading of the bridge carry capacity has already been put in place. These inspections are done to observe deterioration and determine the need for repairs to maintain safe travel conditions over the bridge. In a report dated October 19, 2021, Associated Engineering raised concerns about the bridge's safety, specifically the main support structure (abutments) and guiderail system.

It is of the opinion of Associated Engineering, as well as City Staff, that it is time to indefinitely close the bridge. Further investment in the pre-1930 structure would no longer be feasible nor cost effective at this time. The impact to residents will be minimal as alternative routes are easily accessible. Fire, EMS, and school bus have all been advised. The impact to response times is also minimal, for instance primary fire response from Connaught will see no change.

The City of Timmins will begin a class EA (Environmental Assessment) procedure that includes public consultation concerning replacement and other alternative solutions for the structure. More details, including dates and method of public consultation will be provided once the bridge is closed.

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Nov 09, 2021 at 1:26 PM
The Ontario Government and the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC) have announced their decision to place the northern terminus for passenger rail service in Timmins.

Mayor George Pirie says the City of Timmins welcomes the Province’s decision. “This is positive news for residents, local business and industry. While studies are ongoing, the fact that Porcupine has been chosen as their terminus location is a great start. Timmins’ position as a regional hub will be enhanced by having another transportation option available.”

Earlier this year, the Ontario Government announced plans to have passenger rail service in the northeast reinstated by 2025. Ontario Northland’s Northlander passenger train service was terminated in 2012.

“The benefits of this service will be widespread,” adds Pirie. “Residents traveling out of town for medical appointments will have another viable travel option and overall we could see growth in our tourism sector with greater access to the north from Toronto and points south.

The Ontario Government and the ONTC will continue to assess the business case and timelines for implementation. The City of Timmins will provide support as requested.
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Nov 05, 2021 at 9:14 AM
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