Whitney-Tisdale Pump Station Bypass Report 

Whitney-Tisdale Pump Station #4 Bypass Report

Address: 5121 Hwy 101 E

Start date: June 21, 2021

Start time: Approx. 11:50am

End date:  June 21, 2021

End time: 2:30pm

Volume by-passed: 600.1 m3

Considerations for Healthy Use of Local Beaches and Water Ways:

It is not recommended to swim for two days after a heavy rainfall as this can cause high levels of bacteria in the water. Beach conditions can change frequently as a result of environmental factors and weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind condition, and presence of birds/aquatic life.

Posted by Vickie Boudreau On 6/22/2021 at 3:24 PM  

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