Northern College displays outstanding community support  
Working Together for our Community
May 12, 2020 - When it comes to post-secondary institutions supporting their communities, Northern College is at the top of its class.

Throughout the global struggles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Timmins has been extremely fortunate to have amazing partners at a community level, providing resources and assistance when and where possible. This particular opportunity is being used to acknowledge the Northern College, Timmins Campus, who provided the temporary use of surplus laptops, and opened its doors to the Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board (CDSSAB) to aid in housing some of our community’s most vulnerable.

“Northern College stepped in and filled some immediate needs we had as a community, ensuring the safety and health of our citizens, and for that, we are filled with gratitude,” said Mayor George Pirie. “Our relationship with the college has always been a phenomenal one, and this time, they have really gone above and beyond, also providing us with some long-term learning regarding how to effectively manage homelessness in our community, by providing stable housing and helping to transform lives.”

Northern College President Fred Gibbons explained that, as a community college, they are uniquely positioned and resourced in many ways, and it only made sense to reach out and see how they could help the communities in which they serve.

“That is the essence of partnerships,” said Gibbons. “We’re not only at the table when we need something, but we’re there when they need us.”

By providing unoccupied rooms in the college residence, the CDSSAB was able to house 25 people at a time, while maintaining all social distancing requirements, and bringing in additional supports.

“Having access to these rooms at the college has allowed us to move some clients into stable housing and truly transform lives,” explained CDSSAB CAO Brian Marks. “The space not only allowed us to ensure compliance with public health orders and recommendations, but it also provided the opportunity to build additional partnerships and provide some truly outstanding supports.”

Surplus Laptops
In following the guidance of the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Emergency Declaration, the Corporation of the City of Timmins, like many others, were required to make some significant adjustments to work processes and essential staffing. With many employees required and committed to working from home, the city is extremely grateful to Northern College for the temporary use of surplus laptops.

“In order to maintain certain operations, and as part of our business continuity planning, the college was very gracious in lending us 30 laptops to facilitate work-from-home activities,” said City CAO Dave Landers. “This partnership has allowed us to ensure the continuity of work while maintaining and continuing to provide the citizens of Timmins with the best service possible during these unprecedented times.”
Posted by Heather Duhn On 5/12/2020 at 12:48 PM  

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