City Council Approves 2022 Taxation Fund Budget 
City Council has approved the 2022 Taxation Fund Budget with a 1.93% net increase. Overall, operating costs have been reduced by 0.98% to focus on infrastructure spending. As such, the City’s capital spending will increase by 14.54%. The final budget of $44,679,491 includes room for several community improvement projects from park revitalization to rinks and multi-use paths.

“This year’s budget highlights council’s commitment to growth and infrastructure,” said Mayor George Pirie. “By being fiscally responsible with operating costs, we were able to add a number of key capital projects to this year’s budget. Overall, it will position the City to capitalize on revenue to make the right investments for the community.”

2022 Operating Budget
The 2022 Operating Budget is $35,254,828, reflecting a net reduction of $348,667.

2022 Capital Budget
The $9,424,663 capital budget includes an increase of $1,196,552. The funds will be used towards a number of projects including road maintenance and repair, upgrades to community parks, rinks and multi-use paths, sidewalk installation, and assessment of current Transit routes.

In addition, recommendation has been made to use a portion of the MAT tax proceeds to conduct a refresh of the City’s Recreation Master Plan from 2015.

The budget presentation can be found at:
Posted by Amanda Dyer On 1/12/2022 at 1:15 PM  

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