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A by-law is a rule or law that is put in place by the City of Timmins to ensure that our community remains safe and orderly. The City of Timmins Enforcement Services Division is responsible for enforcing our by-laws. Staff enforce by-laws by investigating complaints and responding to the concerns of citizens.

Each month, we'll explore a different by-law and what it means for you. This month, we're looking at the City's Fire Crackers / Fireworks by-law 1984-2162.

Baby, that’s a firework

Fireworks are low-explosive pyrotechnic devices that are used most commonly for entertainment. A firecracker is also a small explosive device, but its primarily designed to produce a loud noise. In the City of Timmins, the sale and setting off of firecrackers and fireworks is regulated by by-law 1984-2162.

It’s a straightforward by-law. No person shall sell any fire ball, squib, cracker or fireworks on any day of the year within the City of Timmins. A fire ball is a firework that shoots a ball of fire up in the air. A squib are the fireworks that make a large hissing noise as they go off. No person shall set-off or fire any fire ball, squib, cracker or fireworks on any day of the year within the City of Timmins on private or public property.

Fireworks are banned as a safety precaution, especially in areas that are at risk for forest or brush fires or in residential areas where a misfired firework could cause injury or damage to property.

But I’m a professional

When Canada Day rolls around, the city wants to celebrate. Professional firework companies can obtain a permit from the Fire Chief that will allow then to set-off fireworks at a specific time and place as outlined in their permit by a qualified person.

Applications for permits must be submitted in writing at least two weeks in advance to the Timmins Fire Department.

That’ll cost you

If you do decide to sell or set-off fireworks or firecrackers, you would be considered guilty of an offence and if convicted, are liable to a maximum fine of not more than $2,000.

Posted by Amanda Dyer On 6/24/2022 at 3:54 PM  

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