Learn more about August's By-Law of the Month 

temporary tent shelter

Learn more about August’s By-Law of the Month

A by-law is a rule or law that is put in place by the City of Timmins to ensure that our community remains safe and orderly. The City of Timmins Enforcement Services Division is responsible for enforcing our by-laws. Staff enforce by-laws by investigating complaints and responding to the concerns of citizens.

Each month, we'll explore a different by-law and what it means for you. This month, we're looking at the Temporary & Small Accessory Structures By-law 2016-7898.

It’s important to accessorize

A small accessory structure is a detached building or structure that measures less than 108 sq. feet located on your property and related to your main building like a garden shed. It can’t be used for human habitat, so it’s not a structure you can live in. Under the Municipal Act, the City is authorized to pass by-laws regulating the construction and placement of structures, fences, and signs. But why? Small accessory structures and temporary tent shelters (that cover your car in winter) are still subject to rules for property standards and zoning. Property standards help keep neighborhoods clean and safe. Zoning by-laws help the City manage land use and future development. Where you or your neighbour place a temporary structure can impact sight lines and resident safety. Even small structures need to be built safely to avoid injury or property damage.

Get your permit

Everyone erecting a small accessory structure or temporary tent shelter is required to get a “City of Timmins Small Accessory Structure/Temporary Tent Shelter” permit from Enforcement Services … and you need a separate permit for each structure or temporary tent shelter. A Municipal Law Enforcement Officer can inspect your property and structure to make sure you’re in compliance with any requirements.

And the requirements are …

Your small accessory structure needs to be set back 4.5 m. from any lot line and 1.2 m. from your main building. This applies to properties in a residential zone. The distance can change if you are in a different zone like rural or urban. Small accessory structures should also be no more than 1 storey in height in a residential zone … you’re not reinventing the CN Tower. Your small accessory structure should be maintained in good condition with safe surfaces like walkways and steps.
Your temporary tent structure needs to be pre-fabricated of tubular steel frame with a flame-resistant fabric or cover. It needs to be placed so that snow accumulation from the roof will not fall on adjacent properties. Temporary tent structures placed in your driveway or at the front of your property can’t be erected or set up between April 30th and October 1st of the same year. A temporary tent structure can be set-up year-round if it’s placed at the rear or interior side yard if it meets the conditions set out in the City of Timmins Zoning By-law. It can only be used for storing a vehicle and can’t exceed 240 sq. m. in size. You can only have a maximum of two temporary tent shelters on one property and can’t run any power or heat to the shelter.

How to get your permit

You can download and print a “Small Accessory Structure or Yearly Temporary Tent Shelter” application online at Timmins.ca. Take your completed application to Service Timmins and pay the applicable permit fee. Permits for small accessory structures cost $50.00. Permits for a temporary tent shelter are $15 for a seasonal shelter or $25 for a yearly structure. This is a one-time fee except in the case of a temporary tent shelter used to cover your car in winter. Your permit will expire May 1st and will need to be renewed the following year.

For more information call Service Timmins at 705-264-1331 or visit them in person at City Hall.

Posted by Amanda Dyer On 8/12/2022 at 1:50 PM  

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