Why the City is Committed to Waste Reduction 
The City is celebrating Waste Reduction Week, October 17-23, with a flurry of social posts dedicated to reducing the waste that ends up in our local landfills. The City’s Environmental Services Department, the group responsible for the City’s climate change adaptation plan and greenhouse gas reduction plan, know that extending the life of our landfills starts at home.

Waste Reduction Week began in 2001 as an education program focused primarily on recycling, but has now become part of a month-long campaign promoting the circular economy and a move towards resource sharing and smart product development. To help residents reduce waste, the City has implemented a number of programs and services designed to divert recyclables and reusable materials from the dump.

Timmins Recyclepedia is the City’s waste and recycling app that not only provides users with collection reminders, but includes the handy waste wizard. Type in a product for discard and learn how to properly divert and dispose of the material. The game feature is a great learning tool for young recyclers. It’s the first step in learning how to recycle more.

Electronic waste is becoming one of the largest waste streams in the world because of the rapid advancement of technologies. With new smart phones and gaming consoles coming out regularly, properly diverting electronics from the landfill has become crucial. The City takes part in “Recycle Your Electronics,” Ontario’s e-waste diversion program. Residents can drop off electronics with a cord or batteries at the Deloro Landfill electronics drop off bin. In 2021, over 59 tonnes of electronics were diverted at the Deloro Landfill Site.

Textiles are also a common item to hit the dump. Each year, the City partners with Recycling Rewards to offer textile recycling as part of the Household Hazardous and Special Waste Event. At this year’s event in June, over 2,600 lbs. of textiles were collected.

Over the next week, the City will be offering more tips for waste reduction that are simple to implement at home and can make a big difference in reducing waste, creating a more sustainable economy, and preserving our environment. For more information, visit https://wrwcanada.com/en.
Posted by Amanda Dyer On 10/14/2022 at 1:59 PM  

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