Street Sweeping Operations Week of May 9 to May 14  

Night Time Street Sweeping 9:00 PM to 7:30 AM

From May 9 to May 14, the Public Works Department wishes to inform the public that crews may be doing night time street sweeping

Sunday May 9 starting 12:00 AM:

Connecting Link: Bruce, Main, Harold  

Mountjoy: Shirley, Lafleur Bridge, Theriault  

Monday May 10 starting 12:00 AM:

Connecting Link: Highway 101 E, Bruce Y

BIA: Spruce (Sixth to Kirby), Pine (Sixth to Kirby), Cedar (Sixth to Kirby), Balsam (Sixth to First)

Tuesday May 11 starting 12:00 AM:

South Porcupine: Crawford, Golden  

BIA: Third, Birch (Sixth to Second), Maple (Sixth to Second), Elm (Sixth to Second)

Wednesday May 12 starting 12:00 AM:

South Porcupine: Moore, Legion

BIA: Wilson, Commercial

Daytime Street Sweeping 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

From May 9 to May 14, the Public Works Department wishes to inform the public that crews may be doing day time street sweeping

Monday May 10 starting 7:30 AM:

Timmins North: JV Bonhomme, Brian Romaine, Argento, Mascioli, Logan Kerr, Schneider, Ray Caine, Reg Pope, Graye    

South Porcupine: TBD  

Tuesday May 11 starting 7:30 AM

Timmins North: Dieppe, University, Melrose, Westmount, Victoria

South Porcupine: TBD   

Wednesday May 12 starting 7:30 AM

South Porcupine: Bloor, Strachan  

Thursday May 13 starting 7:30 AM:

Timmins North: Donna, McClinton, Louise, Emilie, Fay    

Schumacher: Gold Mine, Vipond

Friday May 14 starting 7:30 AM:

Mountjoy: Craig, Lemieux, Lillian, Norman  

Schumacher: Father Costello, Les Hall, Hollinger   

Note on the Plan:

Sweeping Operations will take several weeks to complete. There is a lot of sand to pick up every year, so we ask residents to remain patient. Weather conditions and mechanical issues play a major role in how quickly Public Works can complete the sweeping operations. Heavy rain and subzero temperatures will halt operations.

Posted No Parking Signs Advising Spring Maintenance:

Public Works would like to remind residents that yellow No Parking Signs will be posted to notify that Spring Maintenance will be taking place for daytime operations. Vehicles not complying with these No Parking signs will be ticketed and towed to allow for Street Sweeping crews to advance.

Priority Sequence for Street Sweeping Operations:

Day Operation:

Street Sweeping is never done in the area where Sanitation is taken place.

High density residential areas (Older Section of City: one-ways, narrow streets);

Low density residential areas

Night Operation:

Highway sections;

High density commercial sections;

Main Arterial Routes


A reminder to respect safety signage as the safety of workers is very important.  

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Public Works Department

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