Enforcement of public health measures 

April 6, 2020 - Today, City of Timmins By-Law Enforcement Officers began actively patrolling, while educating the public and enforcing public health measures of social distancing.

The City of Timmins wishes to clarify, while it is asked that a single family member go out shopping for essentials, it is reasonable to believe that not everyone is capable of complying with these standards. There is a general understanding that some single parents, for instance, may need to bring their children with them while completing these essential errands.

City of Timmins By-Law, and Timmins Police Officers have been instructed to use their judgement and discretion in a polite and professional manner when, in the course of their patrols, or in response to calls for service, they become aware of a violation under the Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act (EMCPA).

“Our initial enforcement stance has been focused on education and a warning-based approach,” said Timmins Police Chief John Gauthier. “Should it become clear that our initial stance is not yielding the intended compliance or results, a more stern approach will be taken by the Timmins Police Service to remedy the situation and mitigate the overall effect of the pandemic.”

How to report a suspected violation:
- Any person wishing to report an apparent violation of the EMCPA or appended regulations, should contact Service Timmins directly to report the matter.
Online: service.timmins.ca
Phone: 705-264-1331
- Calling in any suspected violation by means of 9-1-1 is to be discouraged, as these circumstances fall below the threshold of an emergency.
- Calling in any suspected violation by means of the Timmins Police Service administrative phone line at 705-264-1201 will, in most circumstances, result in the caller being re-routed to Service Timmins.

Posted by Heather Duhn On 4/6/2020 at 4:06 PM  

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