Positive test repeated...with a different result 
May 8, 2020 - Staff and residents at the Golden Manor are breathing a sigh of relief.

Earlier this week, the Porcupine Health Unit declared a COVID-19 outbreak at the Golden Manor in Timmins after one resident tested positive for the COVID virus. The resident had not been displaying any symptoms, and was immediately moved to the isolation area that had been set up in the event of a positive test result. Additional infection control measures were added to the already stringent preventative measures.

The Golden Manor has been on complete lockdown for approximately eight weeks, including preventative and precautionary measures such as the restriction on any visitors, or delivery of gifts and other non-essential items of any kind entering the facility, active screening, physical distancing of residents and staff, and use of PPE.

As part of the previously announced province-wide surveillance testing initiative for long-term care homes, the Porcupine Health Unit has been working in partnership with all homes to ensure testing of all residents and staff, including those without symptoms.

Following the successful testing of almost 400 residents and staff on May 2, the Golden Manor received uplifting, but confusing results on May 4 that one asymptomatic resident had tested positive, leading to the declaration of the outbreak. All other residents and staff results came back negative.

A second test was conducted on May 5, and that result came back negative.

The two varying test results and the fact that all other residents and staff had tested negative was puzzling. While the resident remains comfortable in isolation, officials at the Golden Manor decided, based on all underlying circumstances, that it was necessary to conduct a third test, with the knowledge and consent of the resident’s family.

And the sigh of relief came this afternoon, as the third test returned with a negative result.

“This has left us completely perplexed,” said Golden Manor Administrator Carol Halt. “With genuine care and concern for the resident and the mental well-being of their family and for our other residents, families and staff, we knew the only thing we could do was to conduct a third test on the resident, which returned a second consecutive negative result. We are continuing to isolate this resident under the original outbreak order, because our home, technically, is still considered to be in outbreak until we receive notification otherwise from the Porcupine Health Unit. But for our own understanding and peace of mind, we felt it necessary to seek further confirmation of the possibility of the virus within the home.”
Posted by Heather Duhn On 5/8/2020 at 4:44 PM  

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