In an effort to ensure the delivery of critical public services during the pandemic, the Government of Ontario, in partnership with the Government of Canada, have announced the first round of emergency funding under the Safe Restart Agreement. 

“In total, the Safe Restart will see $3,154,512 flow to Timmins,” said City of Timmins Director of Finance Natalie Moore. “According to the Provincial announcement last week, the City of Timmins will receive a payment, based on a per household basis, of $2,379,000, with an additional $775,512 for transit pressures.” 

As revenues decreased and costs increased due to COVID-19, municipalities are facing significant financial pressures. This investment from the Province is critical for the City of Timmins to continue to provide the important services our communities depend on. The significant funding announcement should cover the City’s projected shortfall created by the pandemic. 

“Given the measures we have already put in place, and this funding, we will be in a solid financial position moving forward this year,” said Mayor George Pirie. “As we turn our focus to restoration and recovery, we thank the Province in partnership with the Federal Government for listening to our fiscal concerns and for their support that will allow us to focus on the City’s priorities of ensuring economic development and diversification, focusing on fiscal accountability to our taxpayers, tackling community safety and well-being, and enhancing our relationships with our Indigenous community.”


On July 27, 2020, as part of the federal-provincial Safe Restart Agreement, the provincial government announced that it had secured up to $4 billion in emergency assistance to provide Ontario’s 444 municipalities with the support they need to respond to COVID-19.

This investment provides support to municipalities and public transit operators to help them address financial pressures related to COVID-19, maintain critical services and protect vulnerable people as the province safely and gradually open. It includes:
• Up to $2 billion to support municipal operating pressures, and
• Up to $2 billion to support municipal transit systems.
Posted by Lisa Greer On 8/19/2020 at 3:46 PM  

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