Snow Removal Operations Week of February 2 to February 7 

Night Time Snow Removal 9:30 PM to 7:30 AM

From February 2 to February 7, 2020, the Public Works Department wishes to inform the public that crews will be doing night time snow removal.

Sunday February 2 Starting 9:30 PM:

Timmins South: Pine (Kirby to Crystal), Spruce (Kirby to Snow Dump)

Monday February 3 Starting 9:30 PM:

Timmins North: Pine (Sixth to Hendry), Eighth (MacLean to Pine)

Tuesday February 4 Starting 9:30 PM:

Timmins North: Ross, Jubilee

Wednesday February 5 starting 9:30 PM:

Timmins North: Mountjoy (Algonquin to MacLean), MacLean (Mountjoy to JV Bonhomme)

Daytime Snow Removal 7:30 Am to 4:00 PM

From January 26 to January 31, 2020, the Public Works Department wishes to inform the public that crews may be doing snow removal.

Monday February 3 Starting 7:30 AM:

Timmins North: Malette, Martin, Jean, Delia

South Porcupine: Julie, Sony, Nadine, Hellen

Tuesday February 4 Starting 7:30 AM:

Timmins North: Randall, Spooner, Lamminen, Emilie

South Porcupine: Helmer, Fern, Moore (Harold to Dead end), Main (Harold to Dead End)

Wednesday February 5 Starting at 7:30 AM:

Timmins North: Reg Pope, Graye, Rochdale, Richelieu

Porcupine: Rekela, Division 

Thursday February 6 Starting at 7:30 AM:

Mountjoy: Gatineau, Viscount, Georgian

Timmins North: Seventh (Pine to MacLean), Ninth

Friday February 7 Starting at 7:30 AM:

Porcupine: Young, Ottolen, Henry, Remembrance, Florence (Hwy 101 to Remembrance) 

Note on the Plan:

The above plan or parts of the plan may be changed at any time and/or delayed if a winter storm is in effect or related to mechanical issues. The snow removal crew will change to a snow plowing operation. Those streets that may not be done will be done on the next available snow removal shift.

Illegal placement of Snow from Residential Property onto Sidewalk and Road:

A reminder that City BYLAW 1993-4162 does not allow a person to place snow from a person’s property and place onto the road or sidewalk.

Posted No Parking Signs Advising Winter Maintenance:

Public Works would like to remind residents that yellow No Parking Signs will be posted to notify that winter maintenance will be taking place for daytime operations. Vehicles not complying with these No Parking signs will be ticketed and towed to allow for snow removal crew to advance.

Winter Parking Ban:

A reminder that the winter parking ban is effect and parking on the street is not permitted on any day, between the hours of 11:30 PM to 7:30 AM, from November 1 through April 30.

Priority Sequence for Snow Removal Operations:

Day Operation:

Snow removal is never done in the area where waste and recycling collection is taken place.

High density residential areas (older section of City: one-ways, narrow streets)

Low density residential areas

Night Operation:

Highway sections;

High density commercial sections;

Main arterial routes


A reminder to respect safety signage as the safety of workers is very important.  

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Public Works Department
Posted by Alana Monette On 1/31/2020 at 1:56 PM  

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