Municipal By-Laws

By-laws of interest to the public have been made available on this web site. These documents are made available for reference only. For official copies and verification, please contact the Clerk’s Department.

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Useful By-Laws

Half-Load Restriction Related By-Laws

Regulate the Loads of Commercial Vehicles on Certain Streets By-law 2006-6275

Regulate Loads of Commercial Vehicles By-law-2007-6511

Regulate Loads of Commercial Vehicles & Trailers on Certain Highways and Streets During a Specified Period of Time By-law 2010-6891

Popular Regulatory By-Laws

Billboard Sign By-Law 2012-7175

Cats By-Law 2005-6220

City Land (Use of) By-Law 2007-6452

Cleaning and Clearing of Land By-Law 2008-6599

Dog By-Law By-Law 04-6014

Drainage of Property By-Law 2010-6901

Encumbering By-Law 1984-2174

Exotic Pets By-Law 1994-4243

Fence By-Law 2011-7128

Waste Management By-Law

Jake Brakes (Engine Compression) By-Law 1995-4487

Noise By-Law 2006-6339

Parks (Use of) By-Law 2002-5642

Pigeon By-Law 2011-7127

Property Standards By-Law 2007-6489

Sign By-Law 2012-7223

Smoking By-Law 2011-7123

Snow By-Law 1993-4162

Temporary and Small Accessory Structure By-Law 2016-7898

Zoning By-Law

Official Plan  - Complete plan including schedules..

Planning Application Fees
By-Law No. 2010-6885

Purchasing By-Law

By-Law No. 2008-8235

Amending By-Law No. 2009-6820

Amending By-Law No. 2012-7216

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