Tax Increment Grant Program

CIP Coordinator
Development Services Department
Phone: (705) 360-2600 ext. 3347

The Tax Increment Rebate Program is included as part of the City’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP). The purpose of the Tax Increment Rebate program is to stimulate new and large scale re-development projects located in the Community Improvement Plan Area by providing a rebate for the City portion of tax increases for those properties that have undergone significant property rehabilitation, redevelopment or other significant building improvements (having a minimum investment of $500,000).

The Tax Rebate program is a 5-year phased program providing grants equivalent to a percentage of the City’s portion of the increase in property taxes as a result of substantial property improvements or new development. The grant shall be an amount, which does not exceed:

  • 100% of the municipal realty tax increase during the first year
  • 75% in year two
  • 50% in year three
  • 25% in year four
  • 0% in year five

Interested applicants are encouraged to speak to the CIP Coordinator before submitting an application to ensure eligibility and the completeness of the application.

Tax Increment Rebate Program application form