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Young voices send thanks to first responders - Timmins Daily Press  CLICK HERE 

Beth Plante - Age 3
I don't like viruses... or red ants.

Caelim Brazeau - Age 10
I think, it’s times like this that are a blessing in disguise. Because everyone’s gotten more time to spend with their family. And as much as many gotten sick, I’m sorry to hear many others have sadly passed. But I’m happy to hear that some people have recovered and some people are getting lots of good things out of this.

Alicia Skinner - Age 19
Timmins is “the city with a heart of gold.”
Home to many people young and old.
We care for each other,
Treating our community like brothers
A lesson we learned well from our elders.
But when trauma hits, it’s a shock
Weighing us down like a rock
Swooping in on our lives like a hawk.
We fall victim to despair,
Tears shedding everywhere,
Causing more pain than we can bear.
A good example is COVID-19
The medical field’s newest scene
Pouring over the world like an open cantene
It’s created self-isolation
Across the nation
Making us wish for the return to liberation
It’s impact is strong
And extremely wrong
Forcing the days to feel twice as long
But despite our distance,
Our city shows persistence
As we hope our way to a better existence
Together we will surpass
And get back to class
Allowing moms to store away their wine glass
Eventually we will see
A brighter future for you and me
As we finally let this virus rest in the pages of history.

Kaitlyn Skinner - Age 11
Dear essential service workers,
When I was younger, my father would tell me and my siblings stories of super heroes. They’d be brave, strong, and would help everybody even though they were putting their own lives at risk. In these past few months my mom has been watching the news. Whenever I walk past I always hear the reporters on TV mentioning essential service workers like nurses, doctors, police and so many other people that it would fill this whole page if I wrote them all down. Then I asked myself why these people were so important during this pandemic. My parents explained to me that without those workers it would be nearly impossible to fight off COVID-19. Once the virus had hit my city I was starting to get nervous. It was spreading so fast.
When we were up to more than 10 cases in Timmins I was scared. Who would put an end to this life crisis ? A few days ago I watched the news with my mom. The news reporter shared that several cases of coronavirus have been resolved in the area. I was thrilled with this news! Later that night I watched a video on my computer. I left to go get a drink of water with the video still running. When I returned my computer was now on a new video. I tried to exit the video but it brought me to a new screen. Somehow it led me to a list of essential services. I read the list and thought for a while. I was thinking how hard it must be for those workers dealing with extra shifts, risks to their own health while taking care of their families. Then it hit me. Heroes don’t need magic superpowers or capes. Essential workers are real super heroes. Like I said at the beginning, heroes put their lives at risk to help others and that’s exactly what these workers do. For that...thank you! I believe that if everybody does their part by washing their hands, self isolating, seeing others from a six foot distance and wearing masks if needed, we can help essential service workers ensure their health. Many years from now, I hope to tell the story of COVID-19 and our brave heroes.

 Alivia Pirie - Age 8

hand-written letter 












Myles and Sawyer Smith - Ages 9 and 6
With mom's work moving from teleconferences to video conferences, the boys helped spice up a background! Listen to Bob the Burrito, and 'Be safe!' 

 Bob the Burrito

Lilly Rochefort - Age 11
This image was created and submitted to Brush Strokes, winning first prize! The drawing 'NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES' honours two of Lilly's friends who work in the ER department at Timmins and District Hospital, Nurse Shauna and Dr. Sonal Zilka. 

Not all heroes wear capes

Michaela Wilkinson - Age 13
Dear Mayor George Pirie,
Good afternoon,
I heard you were asking for letters that express the feelings towards the Covid-19 virus. So here is my opinion and thoughts on the virus. At the beginning of the virus I wasn't too afraid because it was halfway across the world, but when I heard it started travelling, I got a little scared. Then, when I heard how many people's lives it started taking that's when it hit me. That's when I started to worry, that’s when I took it seriously because if I wanted to live and not get the virus I would have to stay inside, wash my hands more than just before I eat. But if we want this virus to go away it's not just me that will have to start doing these things, everyone will have to pitch in. This is where we have to use teamwork skills, because if we all stay inside the less number of people will get infected and the ones that are can get cured and back up to good health. Maybe our world will go back to the way it was before. I hope that everyone stays indoors and stays safe.
Have a good day and thank you. 

Izabelle Jamieson - Age 13
To all the people who might see this, everything is going to be okay. I know you are scared for what may happen, but remember, you are not alone. Everyone is scared and distressed during these uncertain times. Covid-19 has shook everyone to their core. It’s scary to not be able to do what you were able to do before, but not everything was taken away. You can still contact your friends and family with ease. You can still go outside. You can still take care of yourself. In the times, it is crucial that we take care of our physical, mental, and emotional health. Everyone’s mental health has been wrecked because of this but, we can get through this. Taking the time to heal your mental and emotional health will help a lot. Your well-being and others well-being is of the utmost importance. Remember, you need to look out for yourself. You can help others by staying away from others on the streets and in stores. It is extremely difficult but this is how we will beat this virus. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need to, or if you have to take some time off of work. It’s the same for e-learning. If you need to take a break for a little bit while completing assignments, do it. Everyone need a break sometimes. Your mental health is more important that school or work. Keep trying your best. Stay safe and wash your hands!

Audrey - Age 7
"I miss my friends, I miss going to the cottage and I miss my family."

Ben - Age 4
“I miss my friends” and when I asked him if he missed his teachers he said “oh! Sure” lol

Luke and Spencer - Ages 7 and 4
Q - Luke tell me what you know about the coronavirus?
A - People get sick, some people die so we have to stay home
Q - Spencer what is the one thing you miss most since the virus?
A - Hockey, I love hockey and I miss playing games and seeing my friends. I also miss school there was lots I wanted to learn
Q - Luke what do you miss most?
A - School and all of my friends. Everyone is my friend
Q - Spencer what bothers you most about the virus?
A - Where do the people without homes go? How do they get to eat and stay safe?
Q - Spencer and Luke What’s the best thing about being home?
A - Riding our bikes and movie nights

Alivia Pirie - Age 8
Hi Grandpa. Why can't we spend Easter together?

Charlie Pirie - Age 6
Hi Grandpa. How come we can't play at the park?