By-Law Enforcement FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and Referrals


How do I get approval for my car shelter or shed?

By-Law No. 2016-7898    

All temporary structures - such as a winter car shelter - require a permit.  Please submit your application, site plan and payment to Service Timmins.  Approved seasonal structures can be erected between October 1st - April 30th.  

Seasonal Structure Permit:  $15.00     

Yearly Structure Permit:  $25.00   

If a shed is less than 108 sq. ft., obtaining a  building permit is not required; however, it does require Small Accessory Structure approval under the By-Law.  Please submit your application, site plan, and payment to Service Timmins.  

Small Accessory Structure Permit $50.00

Click here to download and print a Small Accessory Structure or Yearly Temporary Tent Shelter Application


When is the overnight winter parking ban in effect?

By-Law No. 1983-2004 s.6(4)(a)  - The 1st day of November of every year and ending on the 30th day of April the following year, from 11:30 pm to 7:30 am.  Absolutely no parking is permitted on street, on boulevards, or in city owned parking lots, during this time-frame.  The only exception is where there are clearly marked and posted City of Timmins "Parking Permitted" signs.


What can I do about my neighbour's tree overhanging my property?

The City of Timmins does not have a By-Law that regulates trees. Any damage caused by a tree or done to a tree is managed through civil court.  The City will not force any person to trim, or cut a healthy tree unless there is an immediate safety risk, or if it is on/ overhanging City property.


Building and Building Permits

Service Timmins 705-264-1331


Business or Lottery Licensing

Service Timmins 705-264-1331


Animal Control, Dog/Cat Licensing

PADS K-9 Protection and Detection Service

Phone: 705-531-2998 


Eviction, landlord tenant issues, and any non-building related issues for tenants

The Landlord and Tenant Board

Phone: 1-888-332-3234 


Where can I build a fence?  

 If you live in the City of Timmins, and you would like to construct a fence on your property, it is important to understand the City's By-Law with respect to fences. 

By-Law No. 2011-7128 sets out the provisions for which fences may be built in the City of Timmins. Please note that you do not need a permit to construct a fence on your property.  Fences can be built on or within a person's property line. If a person anticipates a problem with their neighbor, it is strongly recommended that the fence is built inside the property line to avoid any disputes.         

General Provisions for Fences

  No fence shall:

  1. Be made of sheet metal or corrugated metal panels.
  2. Encroach onto City owned lands or property.
  3. Obstruct visibility to drivers or pedestrians entering, exiting, or approaching a highway.
  4. Be electrified so as to provide an electric shock to humans or animals (other than invisible pet fencing).
  5. Be in excess of height requirements.

Every fence shall:

  1. Have a surface that is painted, stained, or varnished unless the material itself possesses characteristics that offer protection against deterioration.  
  2. Be maintained without visible deterioration.

Non-Conforming Fences

If a municipal law enforcement officer receives a complaint regarding a fence violation on your property, you may be served with a notice to make modifications to your fence to bring it into compliance with the Fence By-Law.  This may mean that you need to redo work that has already been paid for and completed.

In addition, anyone who is in violation of the Fence By-Law, or who does not comply with a notice that is issued to them by the City of Timmins may be subject to legal action, which may result in a maximum fine of $5,000 for the offence. 


My neighbour's yard is a mess (ie. long grass, garbage, derelict vehicles, other types of waste), Is there anything you can do about that?

Yes, we have a cleaning and clearing of land By-Law that covers issues such as this. Please take the address of the property in question, a detailed description of the issue and the name and phone number of the complainant, submit this to Service Timmins (705-264-1331), and an officer will investigate.


Something is broken, dangerous, or not available in my apartment, what can I do?

The Property Standards By-Law regulates the things that a landlord must provide for the tenants. You must provide notice to your landlord about the issue. After notice is provided about the issue, you may file a complaint and contact Service Timmins 705-264-1331


Is there anything that can be done about my neighbour who has a camera pointed directly at my property/home?

The City of Timmins does have a By-Law that includes private property camera use.   To view a copy of the By-Law please click the following link:  City of Timmins By-Law No. 2004-6036-Regulate Fortification of Land.

Please call Service Timmins at 705-264-1331 if you would like a municipal enforcement officer to investigate.


Aggressive people, abandoned vehicles, moving traffic, after hours noise complaints:

Timmins Police Service - Business Line: 705-264-1201

Septic issues, smoking in public places, mould

Porcupine Health Unit: 705-267-1181

Garbage didn't get picked up

Service Timmins 705-264-1331

Fire, Fire Pits, Fireworks

Fire Department: 705-360-2665

Committee of Adjustments (seeking re-zoning/ minor variance)

Service Timmins 705-264-1331

Municipal Election

Service Timmins 705-264-1331