Airport Labour Relations Updates

Timmins continues to provide reliable and safe airport operations at the Victor M. Power Airport. These operations are important to the community and ensure necessary medical and business travel, as well as great convenience for personal travelers and tourists.

In the event of a labour disruption by the Public Service Alliance of Canada at the Timmins Victor M. Power Airport:

  • The Union (which represents 19 maintenance and administrative staff) must provide the City with 72 hours’ notice. This information would be shared with the public as soon as it is received.
  • The City is fully committed to providing safe, dependable airport operations for our community. If necessary, the City will implement its contingency plan, ensuring airport operations are unaffected.
  • Travellers may expect some delays in the event of the establishment of a picket line, and should factor that into their preparation for flights.


The Union embarked on a media campaign to scare travelers and made a number of claims that were untrue – one of which is that the City would not sit down and bargain. We have been trying to bargain this agreement since November 2016. We value our airport staff. We have bargained in good faith and expect that these negotiations will conclude amicably.

Below are status updates regarding this situation: