How Road Conditions Will Change Ahead of Seasonal Melt (1) 
Road conditions are going to change quickly over the next few weeks as we feel the final effects of winter and temperatures begin to rise. What does that mean for drivers? The appearance of potholes and sloppy roads as the snow begins to melt.

Our Public Works Department continues to prioritize snow removal with the goal of getting as much snow off our streets ahead of spring rain. Crews will work to free up catch basins that are still blocked by snow and are necessary to drain surface water. Drivers are asked to use caution as the accumulated snow on our streets softens.

Crews are already addressing road conditions like potholes and ruts. A high-performance cold mix product will be used to temporarily patch holes and ruts ahead of the asphalt plant opening in May. The City’s pothole patcher is back on the road. Drivers are also asked to use caution when driving past road maintenance crews.

The City is required to fix a pothole within a prescribed period as determined by the Provincial government standards, depending on the size of the pothole and whether it is on a paved or an unpaved road. It is important to note that the City’s obligation to fix a pothole is triggered only after the municipality becomes aware of the problem. While we do have crews regularly patrolling the city, you can help by reporting any potholes you encounter. Potholes can be reported to Service Timmins online at under roads and sidewalks. You can also report a pothole by phone at 705-264-1331.
Posted by Amanda Dyer On 3/28/2023 at 1:23 PM  

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