Introducing Timmins Youth Connect 
Timmins Youth Connect is a new way for youth 13-21 to connect directly with the City of Timmins and each other. Administered by the City of Timmins as part of the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (the Plan), the goal of Timmins Youth Connect is to work with local youth so that they feel empowered to speak up and create positive change at home, at school, and in Timmins.

While Timmins Youth Connect is part of a larger strategy to prioritize a youth-focused community, the direction of Timmins Youth Connect is entirely up to the participants. The City offers support and structure, but all topics of discussion, group activities, and communication are decided by youth who are looking for a way to be heard.

“The Plan identified that an increasing number of youth are dealing with anxiety, bullying, chronic absenteeism, and mental health concerns,” says Meagan Baranyk, Community Strategies Coordinator. “When we begin to look at upstream solutions for some of our most pressing social issues, we need to start by engaging with our children and young adults.”

Timmins Youth Connect began as a series of informal discussions, fueled by pizza, and coordinated by the City’s Community Strategies Coordinator. Youth can join the monthly discussions at any time. No RSVP is required. A dedicated Instagram page has also been set up by youth, for youth, to communicate meeting dates, fun giveaway’s, and information that is relevant to the group.

“Many of the issues that plague adult residents are experienced by youth and young adults,” adds Baranyk. “We want to establish a clear line of communication between youth and decision-makers in the community, but without dictating how that has to happen. This is very much an opportunity for youth to get involved in their community and determine the best way to contribute.”

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Posted by Amanda Dyer On 4/26/2023 at 9:58 AM  

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