Timmins Transit Moves to Reduced Frequency Schedule for Summer 
A lasting effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a driver shortage at Timmins Transit. In an effort to reduce driver fatigue and stress, City Council has approved a temporary frequency reduction effective Monday, June 13.

The revised schedule will be in place over the summer months from June through August and will reduce frequency times of some routes from service every 30 minutes to every forty-five minutes.

“Last summer, Management had to cancel summer vacation requests due to driver shortage,” says Director of Public Works and Environmental Services Ken Krcel. “Our drivers need time to rest and recharge. The immediate benefit is a reduction in lost time and employee turnover. This small change will prevent a greater loss of service that could happen if drivers end up burned out and calling in sick.”

Reducing the frequency of service will reduce the total number of driving hours each day, allowing for time off without having to cancel routes altogether. The timing is also ideal since past data shows a decline in ridership during the summer months.

“We need to give drivers their requested time off as per their collective agreement,” adds Krcel. “We are doing that with as little impact to transit riders as possible while providing adequate public transportation in the summer.”

For more information on Timmins Transit schedule and updated routes, including those impacted by Connecting Link construction, visit Timmins.ca / Our Services / Timmins Transit.
Posted by Amanda Dyer On 6/13/2022 at 3:39 PM  

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