Timmins Transit Drives Forward with Ambitious Modernization Plans for 2024 
2024 will be a year of modernization for Timmins Transit. The City’s public transportation system will be updated with four (4) new conventional buses, a new fare box system, and the introduction of a microtransit pilot project for riders in Porcupine and South Porcupine.

At last night’s council meeting, council approved the purchase of 4 news buses, covered in part by the City’s Investing in Canadian Infrastructure Program (ICIP) funding. The new buses will replace others at the end of their useful life under Transit’s asset management plan.

The same funding stream will also allow for the purchase of new fare boxes. Council’s approval for twenty-five (25) fare boxes will not only improve Transit’s data collection on routes and ridership, but will give riders the option of modern electronic payment methods, like paying with debit, credit, smart phones, or reloadable bus passes. The City intends to cover our portion of fare box replacement with provincial gas tax funding, which means the update will have no impact on residents’ property tax bill.

The purchases support Timmins Transit’s plan to move to a microtransit system, beginning with a pilot project in February for users in the east end of the City.

Microtransit is an emerging public transportation system that connects people in low-density areas to existing transit. The City’s current transit system is fixed route; designed to move a large number of people in conventional buses from one place to another. A microtransit system is a smaller, shared transit option that runs on-demand using smaller-scale vehicles, like the City’s current para-transit buses. At last night’s council meeting, Timmins Transit’s current para-transit system was re-branded Timmins On-Demand and the user fees for para-transit riders were updated to prepare for the introduction of microtransit.

In February, the City will begin testing microtransit for riders in Porcupine and South Porcupine. Through a new Timmins On-Demand app, currently in development, residents who live outside of main bus routes or at a distance from a fixed transit stop, can request a ride. One of the City’s smaller para-transit buses will pick that person up and transport them to the nearest fixed stop along the main bus route. Microtransit connects more people to public transportation and makes better use of current transit resources.

Current clients of the para-transit service will now be able to request service on-demand as well, through the app, and without the need for advanced booking. More information on Timmins On-Demand, how to download and use the new app, and what areas are included in the pilot project will be available soon. In the meantime, Transit staff and management are working hard to update and improve the current transit system to one that is modern, efficient, and convenient for all residents.



“The City is actively working to improve Timmins Transit so that it’s reliable, convenient, and efficient for current and future riders. Public transportation can connect our residents with community support, employment opportunities, education, and more. During our series of ward meetings, we heard from residents in Porcupine, South Porcupine, and Schumacher who wanted better access to public transportation. We are fortunate to have an investment from both the federal and provincial governments that allows us to upgrade our buses, our fare systems, and explore solutions to expand transit access across the city.” ~ Mayor Michelle Boileau

“The changes being made to Timmins Transit this year will prepare us to serve a greater number of residents in the future. The addition of microtransit will expand the Transit system responsibly, with service based on demand. Payment options will be simplified. Access for para-transit customers will be faster and more convenient. It is a year of modernization, and Timmins Transit is happy to implement new systems and strategies that will make public transit a more viable transportation method for more people in our community.” ~ Ken Krcel, Director of Public Works and Environmental Services
Posted by Amanda Dyer On 1/17/2024 at 2:10 PM  

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