City Supports Seven Youth Initiatives Focused on Decreasing Incidents of Violence and Crime 

The City of Timmins has confirmed funding for 7 local programs that work to prevent and decrease the impact of youth gun and gang violence in Timmins. In partnership with the Government of Canada, and through the City’s Community Safety and Well-being Plan, over $430,000 has been allocated to programs that support and empower youth in our community.

The objective is to assist the development of new or enhanced local and community-based strategies and initiatives that will address the impacts of violence on youth, specifically the conditions that contribute to a young person participating in criminal actions or behaviour.

Funding has been approved for:

  • Land-based programing through Mushkegowuk Fire Keeper Patrol, which connects youth with holistic care based on Indigenous teachings.
  • Planet Youth through the Porcupine Health Unit, which will implement an Icelandic prevention model to reduce substance use and enhance the overall well-being of young people.
  • Emerging Trends through DIY Health and in collaboration with Northern College and the Go-Give Project, focused on relationship building through community outreach to improve access to non-emergency supports and address the social determinants of health.
  • Timmins Youth Wellness Hub to expand and enhance physical and sports activities and rotational hubs; promote services and supports available at the hub for 12-25-year-old youth; work with community organizations to develop a neighbourhood walk program in downtown Timmins.
  • Research and mentorship through the Timmins and Area Women in Crisis, which seeks to develop an accessible social enterprise venue in downtown Timmins; implement mentorship programs for youth with lived experience; and, conduct research into the driving factors of youth gang involvement with a focus on human trafficking.
  • Support of Fierté Timmins Pride to create and provide resources for vulnerable youth; offer guidance and support for inclusive service delivery; and, develop peer groups and partnerships to promote acceptance, inclusivity, and understanding. Launching in 2024.
  • Fund marketing through Timmins Victim Services for materials and presentations related to youth gun and gang violence for parents, caregivers, and local youth.

As a recipient of funding from the City of Timmins and Government of Canada, each service agency is committed to helping children, youth, and young adults who are at risk, lead lives free of crime and violence. Under the framework of the City’s Community Safety and Well-being Plan, the funding partnerships help meet the priorities of increased youth engagement and increased safety and well-being for all residents.


“The funding provided by the Government of Canada and distributed through the City’s Community Safety and Well-being Plan, will allow local agencies to create or enhance a variety of services and programs to address youth violence. We recognize that a multi-faceted approach is necessary, which is why we’ve agreed to support programs and initiatives that work independently, but produce a collaborative result. Agencies will be required to submit a formal progress report bi-annually, but are encouraged to share regular updates with the community.” - Meagan Baranyk – Community Strategies Coordinator


Posted by Amanda Dyer On 10/3/2023 at 3:11 PM  

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