Acknowledging the Importance of Indigenous Languages 

March 31 is National Indigenous Languages Day, one of ten Indigenous dates of significance that the City of Timmins acknowledges throughout the year. Since 1993, Canadians have celebrated March 31 to honour the importance that language plays in Indigenous culture and tradition. 

This year’s date is particularly significant as the United Nations has declared 2022-2032 the International Decade of Indigenous Languages. One goal is to draw global attention to the importance of preserving our Indigenous languages. There are more than 70 Indigenous languages across Canada and it’s important that we recognize how crucial they are when ensuring the rights of Indigenous peoples. 

Languages connect individuals and families, often through generations, and speak to the rich oral history that is passed down from Indigenous elders and youth, the community leaders of tomorrow. Languages connect us with our past and help keep traditions alive that are integral to our community well-being and sense of identity. 

When we speak of reconciliation, we must support the effort by Indigenous communities to reclaim their voice through language education and promotion. To learn more about the City’s Indigenous relations and inclusion visit: To learn more on the United Nation’s International Decade of Indigenous Languages visit: 

Posted by Lisa Greer On 3/31/2022 at 8:59 AM  

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