Letter from the Office of the Mayor re: Impacts of boundary redistribution in Northern Ontario 
September 26, 2022
By Email: [email protected]

Paula Puddy, Commission Secretary
Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario
PO Box 37018 Southdale
London, Ontario
N6E 3T3

Dear Ms. Puddy,

RE: Impacts of boundary redistribution in Northern Ontario

On behalf of the City of Timmins, I am writing with concerns about the proposed boundary changes and recommended redistribution of federal electoral districts. Any reduction of Northern Ontario’s federal ridings would result in the underrepresentation of our northern communities.

I understand that adjustments are being considered to ensure citizens are adequately represented by Parliament. While the proposed changes may address population growth in Ontario’s southern centres, it would leave Ontario’s remote and rural regions struggling to be heard at the federal level.

This proposal will have the effect of diminishing Northern Ontario’s voice in Government and see MPs have to serve northern regions the size of countries in Europe. The Commission must take into consideration that our geographical size, not our population, already produces significant constraints on accessibility, immigration, and the conducting of business when access to supplies is hampered by long distance. Expanding the current boundaries would pose important challenges to maintain a level of engagement and representation from Parliament.

Further, the City of Timmins has established a Relationship Agreement with the Mushkegowuk Council to examine issues of joint interest. In the spirit of Reconciliation, I have reached out to the Mushkegowuk and the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation leadership and was surprised to learn that there was no federal consultation with the northern Indigenous communities. There is a vital link between the James Bay coastal communities and the City of Timmins for health care, transportation, education and economic development. This proposed redistribution does not take these important ties that bind our communities together into account. I cannot support any boundary redistribution plan that marginalizes our partners and does not respect the important right of our First Nations communities to be consulted.

In conclusion, I am asking that the Commission maintain the current number of electoral districts in Northern Ontario. We rely on our Member of Parliament as a liaison between our citizens and the federal government and strongly encourage the proposed boundary changes be reconsidered.


Mayor Kristin Murray, City of Timmins

CC: MP Charlie Angus – Timmins-James Bay ([email protected])
Posted by Amanda Dyer On 9/27/2022 at 2:22 PM  

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