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Statement from the Mayor - May 24, 2024

Statistics Canada has released their latest population estimates, with Timmins’ population in 2023 at 44,819, an increase of 3.85% over the previous year. If the projections are correct, this is the highest Timmins population has been in over a decade. This is a positive indication that Timmins’ population is beginning to rebound and that opportunities in immigration and industry are driving people north.

People are choosing to move to Timmins. Recent announcements in the mining sector are creating a wide range of employment options, strengthening the skilled labour market. Available employment in mining attracts both permanent and temporary workers. With this, comes the opportunity for growth and development across multiple sectors, such as education and health care.

Since the last confirmed census in 2021, over 700 permanent residents have immigrated to Timmins through pathways like the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP). RNIP is connecting skilled foreign workers with eligible employers, providing a solution for labour shortages, and bringing individuals and families to Timmins who are contributing positively to our local economy and community. This is economic immigration at work and it’s definitely a contributing factor to the growth of Timmins.

The Timmins Economic Development Corporation has also seen success through their workforce attraction project, which launched in June of 2023 with a similar goal of drawing skilled labour to Timmins. This initiative highlights the robust employment opportunities that are available and has successfully welcomed new residents to our area.

It’s important to note that the latest population estimates are based on data from both permanent and temporary residents, including students, giving us a clearer picture of our city’s actual needs, especially in terms of housing and infrastructure. This allows us to better plan for and address the needs of residents, ensuring that future housing developments, capital investments in infrastructure, and improvement of affordable recreation, are adequate and prepare us for the future. We are committed to creating a dynamic and thriving community with more than enough room to grow. This is a positive start!

Mayor Michelle Boileau, City of Timmins

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On May 24, 2024 at 2:20 PM
Timmins’ Good Roads delegation, led by Mayor Michelle Boileau, has returned from the annual conference in Toronto after speaking directly with provincial ministers and parliamentary staff on roads, infrastructure, and recreation.

This year’s conference was an opportunity to connect with the Honourable Prabmeet Sarkaria, Ontario’s Minister of Transportation, and bring him up to speed on the Hwy. 67 / Municipal Rd. file. Joined by Iroquois Falls’ Mayor, Tory Delaurier, both municipalities continued to push the province to upload the highway and assume responsibility, or pay for reconstruction of the transportation corridor between Timmins and Iroquois Falls.

Mayor Boileau and the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, Dave Landers, also met with Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, the Honourable Sam Oosterhoff, to discuss details of the province’s recent Community Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Fund announcement. Ontario is investing up to $200 million over three years to support new or revitalized recreation facilities across the province.

The City is currently conducting a feasibility study on a multi-use recreation centre, which could see construction of a full-scale facility with two ice surfaces, a municipal Class A indoor aquatic centre, and event space. The feasibility study will allow Council and staff to determine potential funding sources.

The Good Roads conference also serves as professional development for representatives from Public Works and Infrastructure and Growth. Attendees have the opportunity to learn best practices from municipalities around the world, with a focus on innovation and adaptable solutions that lead to good roads across the city.
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Apr 25, 2024 at 8:50 AM
Timmins Mayor Michelle Boileau and husband Andrew Morrish are excited to announce they are expecting their second child in October.

“We are excited to be expanding our family,” says Mayor Michelle Boileau. “The roles of Mayor and Mother are extremely important to me. Timmins is where I was born and raised, and it’s where I am choosing to raise my family.”

Mayor Boileau is the third woman to serve as Mayor of the City of Timmins, and the first of Timmins’ Mayors to have a baby while holding office.

“I am grateful for the support of my fellow Councillors and City Administration,” adds Boileau. “I was fortunate to help establish the City’s Pregnancy and Parental Leave Policy for Council Members prior to having my first child. I am passionate about creating a space where women and individuals with young families are encouraged to participate in local government.”

At this time, Mayor Boileau is planning to take a short five-month pregnancy leave, anticipated to start late September or early October.

As per the City’s Pregnancy and Parental Leave Policy for Council Members, Mayor Boileau can be absent from the meetings of council for a period of 20 consecutive weeks. Councillors Cory Robin and Andrew Marks will serve as Deputy Mayor during the Mayor’s pregnancy leave.

“While I focus on spending time with my family, I want to assure residents that there is a plan in place to keep Council’s positive momentum going,” adds Boileau. “We have a clear list of priorities in place, we know the work that needs to get done, and I will make sure to stay informed.”
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Apr 24, 2024 at 10:58 AM
The City of Timmins is honouring three more exceptional community members with Heart of Gold Civic Awards. At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Steve Meunier and Douglas Nicholls were acknowledged for their commitment to their community through volunteering, and multidisciplinary artist Stéphanie Morin-Robert was recognized earlier this month at the performance of her critically acclaimed play, “Blindside /Angle Mort” at Centre Culturel La Ronde.

Morin-Robert was nominated by Conseil scolaire catholique des Grandes Rivières as a former student of École Secondaire Catholique Thériault, who has distinguished herself in the world of national and international arts. Her one-woman show recounts Morin-Robert’s younger years as a cancer survivor, and the importance of resiliency and self-acceptance. By performing her award-winning show in French, Morin-Robert continues to support and strengthen Francophone culture and language.

Steve Meunier was nominated by the McIntyre Curling Club Board of Directors for his tireless effort to support the sport of curling as a player, trainer, coach, volunteer board member, and now president of the McIntyre Curling Club. His love of curling frequently takes him outside of Timmins, serving as a coach/trainer and former councillor for the Ontario Curling Council and Chair of the 2010 Canadian Police Curling Nationals. His participation in bringing the 2023 Canadian U18 Curling Championships to Timmins has set the standard for sports tourism events in the city. Meunier’s commitment as a volunteer extends beyond the curling ice. Local organizations like the MADD Timmins Chapter and the Canadian Cancer Society / Cops for Cancer have benefited from his experience, and he is a dedicated volunteer firefighter with the Whitney Fire Department.

And finally, Douglas Nicholls was nominated for his over 30 years of volunteer service with the Connaught and District Historical Society, which also celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2023. As a director, he was instrumental in fundraising for the Connaught & District Pioneer Museum’s original construction, and continues to help operate the museum. His history of volunteering for the community began in the early nineties, and included fundraising with the Connaught Community Association for a new community centre, which remains a place of pride for residents on the shores of Frederick House Lake.

Recipients of the Heart of Gold Recognition Program are recognized once a month during a regular meeting of council. Residents are encouraged to nominate someone they know who has made a positive impact on the community or achieved outstanding accomplishment in the following categories:
• Volunteer and Community Service
• Youth Community and Civic Engagement
• Achievement in Sports
• Achievement in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)

For the nomination form and program eligibility, visit:
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Mar 20, 2024 at 10:13 AM

The Northern Ontario Women’s (NOW) Caucus began as a conversation over a year ago between two mayors, both women and both elected to serve their community. Mayor Michelle Boileau of Timmins and Mayor Cheryl Fort of Hornepayne recognized that the support they were looking for as municipal leaders, was a shared experience for women in office.

NOW has since grown to over 21 participants, all mayors of Northern Ontario communities. Formal membership is currently being offered to elected officials in Northern Ontario, who identify as women, and who want to lead the conversation on priorities and issues that are directly affecting women in the northern region.

The group recently met at the Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) conference in Toronto to establish the caucus’ terms of reference, mission and vision. The mission – to create an alliance of women municipal representatives across Northern Ontario, [and] to create and preserve space for women in municipal politics, as every voice matters.

NOW’s membership includes women with diverse professional backgrounds in economic development, locomotive engineering, skilled trades training, health care, employment services, marketing, business management, and more. Many have multi-year experience on municipal council. The opportunity to support each other professionally, to develop leadership skills, and to increase the number of women participating in local politics, is invaluable. It sets a foundation from which NOW can advocate, support, and improve the quality of life in Northern Ontario.

NOW’s goal is to not only amplify the voice of women in Northern Ontario, but to speak as one voice that is focused on building positive relationships for the communities it represents. The group is looking to work together and with federal and provincial partners to bring women’s perspective to the challenges and opportunities facing each community.

Moving forward, NOW is expected to meet quarterly. The group is working to formalize membership, an election procedure for an executive committee, and to develop a strategic plan that identifies common priorities. With a vision of becoming, “a strong network of women shaping the future of Northern Ontario communities”, NOW is gaining momentum and has the motivation to legitimize the role of women in politics.


“Strong and resilient women applaud, uphold, and have other each others’ backs. Impact happens when entire societies celebrate women and stand with them in equality. NOW is committed to forging women's economic empowerment; supporting women and girls into leadership; designing and building infrastructure that meets the needs of women and girls; and, helping women and girls make informed decisions about their health. We can make Northern Ontario one of the best places to live for women!” ~ Mayor Cheryl Fort, Hornepayne

“There is power in standing together as women, united in our commitment to serve and represent our respective communities. The female voice in politics is important because it reflects the unique challenges and opportunities women and girls experience. It’s invaluable to bring that perspective forward, and to bring that perspective into focus. NOW allows municipal leaders to work together to inform decision-making and help develop policies to improve, not only the lives of women in Northern Ontario, but the quality of life for all residents. I’m excited to see what NOW can accomplish. Let’s be heard. Let’s make change. Let’s celebrate our success.” ~ Mayor Michelle Boileau, Timmins

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Feb 21, 2024 at 2:08 PM
The City of Timmins is honouring three exceptional community volunteers with the first Heart of Gold Civic Awards, a new recognition program that celebrates individuals and groups for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the community.

The recipients awarded at Tuesday night’s council meeting are:

Ron and Lucille Moisan (Volunteer and Community Service) – Ron and Lucille Moisan were nominated for their over 20 years of volunteer service to the South Porcupine Food Bank, and for their work on the Bannerman Park Porcupine Restoration Committee. They are credited with being a “community-minded couple” who are well-known for helping anyone in need for over 60 years.

In 2003, recognizing that Bannerman Park was underused and could use some rehabilitation, Ron and Lucille formed a committee of residents who wished to assist with restoration of the park. Through their leadership, a park design was approved and reconstruction of the gardens, lighting, pathways, and gazebo was completed over several years. Efforts included significant fundraising for the upgrades and on-going maintenance of the park. Bannerman Park is now a popular space for weddings, picnics, and summer concerts on the shores of Porcupine Lake.

Cameron Grant (Volunteer and Community Service) – Cameron Grant was nominated by the 2022-2023 Board of Directors for Mount Jamieson Resort for his outstanding contributions to the organization. He is commended for his work on rebranding the snow resort, rebuilding its reputation as a pillar of sports and community excellence, and helping to create a viable and sustainable recreation facility for Timmins and area.

Through Grant’s stewardship as a member of the Board of Directors, he is credited with creating a space that celebrates innovation, supports diversity, equity, and inclusion, and remains accessible to residents in Timmins and the region.

“We at Mount Jamieson cannot stress enough our appreciation and recognition of his tireless hours of commitment, dedication, expertise, and experience, as well as his love and passion for the sport [of skiing] … and to ensure that the appropriate mechanisms are in place to secure [the resort’s] longevity and success well into the future.” ~ Mount Jamieson Board of Directors 2022-23

Recipients of the Heart of Gold Recognition Program are recognized once a month during a regular meeting of council. Residents are encouraged to nominate someone they know who has made a positive impact on the community or achieved outstanding accomplishment in the following categories:
• Volunteer and Community Service
• Youth Community and Civic Engagement
• Achievement in Sports
• Achievement in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)

For the nomination form and program eligibility, visit:
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Feb 06, 2024 at 6:37 PM
On behalf of City Council and municipal staff, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to family and friends on the passing of former Timmins’ Mayor Victor M. Power on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

Mr. Power was a pillar of the community, an inspiration to many who aspire to a career in public office. He led with conviction and understood the power of decision and opportunity.

His time as Mayor was marked by the efforts he made on multiple boards and organizations, including the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. As Councillor, he was instrumental in the construction of the Archie Dillon Sportsplex. He was a leader outside of Council Chambers, championing organizations like the Porcupine United Way and serving on the Timmins Police Services Board. He concerned himself with the prosperity of the community, and the sustainability of a municipal government with a clear vision of Timmins as thriving and distinctly northern.

He was also humble and took pride in highlighting the work of his colleagues, municipal staff, and community members. I was honoured to have him attend the inaugural meeting of council in November 2022, and felt the significance of his legacy as I took my oath of office. His genuine optimism and love for Timmins will continue to inspire. We remain forever in his debt for the contributions he made to the community we call home.

City of Timmins’ flags have been lowered to half-mast in Mr. Power’s honour, and we invite the public to pay their respects through a Book of Condolence at City Hall beginning Wednesday, February 7 at 8:30 a.m.
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Feb 04, 2024 at 1:32 PM
Mayor Michelle Boileau is heading to Toronto for the annual Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) conference beginning Sunday. This year, the City’s focus is on housing development, highway repairs, and repayment of the Golden Manor redevelopment project.

More than 1,600 participants from as many as 300 municipalities will participate in the conference, Sunday, January 21 to Tuesday, January 23, which gives local leaders and representatives the opportunity to highlight the unique challenges facing rural communities.

Timmins’ delegation will meet with Associate Minister Vijay Thanigasalam from the Ministry of Transportation, to make a case for Hwy. 67 (Municipal Rd.). The rural highway has been a hot topic for Timmins and the Town of Iroquois Falls, with the cost of necessary rehabilitation requiring provincial help. The ask will be for reconstruction funding and a strategy moving forward for maintenance.

Mayor Boileau will also speak to Council’s goal of seeing “more homes built faster” in a discussion with Parliamentary Assistant for Municipal Affairs & Housing, the Honourable Matthew Rae. The City is seeking support to secure funding for subdivision development in Timmins. In order to stimulate new residential and intensified housing builds, the City is exploring the cost of development, including required infrastructure and feasibility.

A meeting is also scheduled with Ontario’s Minister of Long-Term Care, the Honourable Stan Cho, to discuss a strategy to offset some of the capital costs of the Golden Manor redevelopment and reduce construction costs for taxpayers.

This year’s ROMA theme is Closer to Home, which is a nod to ROMA’s recent focus on access to primary healthcare services in rural Ontario, but also fits with Timmins’ focus on creating a sustainable range of housing options for residents, and re-energizing needed assets and infrastructure, right here at home in Timmins. Mayor Boileau and the Timmins’ delegation are prepared to make a case for the provincial funding and support that Timmins needs now.


Any time we are able to speak directly with provincial officials, it is an opportunity to focus on solutions to our most pressing concerns, which could have swift and positive impact on the City. Our requests to the province are specific and strategic. We also benefit from being part of a rural collective voice. There is strength in numbers, and the ROMA conference is a space where rural municipalities can come together and work to create sustainable and thriving communities. ~ Mayor Michelle Boileau
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Jan 19, 2024 at 1:50 PM
The Heart of Gold Recognition Program is City Council’s latest commitment to acknowledging the individuals and community groups whose contributions make Timmins a great place to live, work, learn, and play.

Achievements will be recognized in four categories for Volunteer Community Service, Youth Community and Civic Engagement, Achievement in Sports, and Achievement in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics). Nominations open on Friday, December 1, 2023. Recognition will be made once a month during a regular meeting of City Council beginning in January 2024.

“Timmins is fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers and talented individuals who contribute positively to our community,” says Mayor Michelle Boileau. “Individual accomplishments are also important to celebrate together and help to foster pride in our city and its people. The Heart of Gold Recognition Program is a way for City Council, on behalf of the residents of Timmins, to recognize significant achievements, milestones, and the efforts that are being made to improve our community.”

Beginning December 1, residents wishing to make a nomination will be able to review the award criteria online and fill out the online nomination form. The form will also be available as a download that can be printed and submitted by email or in person to Service Timmins at City Hall.
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Nov 30, 2023 at 10:52 AM
Mayor Michelle Boileau and the elected councillors for each City ward, are set to host a new series of ward meetings to connect residents with the City’s latest projects, plans, and initiatives. Launching October 5, 2023 in Ward 1, the community meetings will offer an in-person opportunity to hear about capital projects like the Golden Manor redevelopment, and future plans specific to each of the five wards within Timmins.

Mayor and Council will also be highlighting the City’s budget process for 2024, which will include the City’s first public budget survey. Residents are being asked for their input on the next municipal budget and how they would like to see their tax dollars spent and invested.

“The ward meetings are about conversation and connection,” says Mayor Michelle Boileau. “Council relies on resident feedback to help inform municipal decisions. We all have email or social media, but let’s sit down in the same room and really dive into what’s important to the residents in each ward.”

Due to the size of Timmins Ward 5, the area has been split into Timmins North and Timmins South for the purpose of the ward meetings. Meeting details, agendas, ward maps, and boundaries, can be found at:

“Engagement activities, like community meetings, help align the priorities of Council, the municipality, and the public,” adds Mayor Boileau. “We invite every resident in each ward to attend and learn more about what’s happening in their city.”
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Sep 25, 2023 at 9:58 AM
City Council’s request for enhanced public participation in the municipal budget process begins October 1, 2023 with an online survey. The City’s budget survey will ask residents to provide input on items such as City services, value for tax dollar, and the importance of maintaining current infrastructure.

Property taxes are an important revenue for the City. When combined with program fees, user fees, facility rentals, and additional funding sources, they make up the available money (revenue) coming into the City that is then spent on the services, infrastructure, programs, and projects that residents rely on daily. In addition, the City looks at long-term planning and investment to meet the needs of the community and encourage future growth. All of this is summarized in the budget, an itemized plan for the revenue coming in and the expenditures going out.

The benefits of public engagement, particularly when it comes to budget and municipal spending, extend beyond being transparent and accountable. The City is actively working to encourage dialogue and help residents better understand the landscape of local issues, decision-making, and program and service delivery.

When the budget survey launches on October 1, 2023, residents will have one month to provide feedback before staff add the survey results to City Council’s budget package for review. Survey participation is anonymous.

For more information on how the City budget works and the process for approving the 2024 Municipal Budget, visit:


“The goal of the budget process is to help City Council make informed decisions around the allocation of local tax dollars. The public budget survey will help us further understand the programs and services that residents’ value most, and where they would like to see further investment.” – Mayor Michelle Boileau

“We are asking residents to provide feedback as City Council and staff begin to prepare the 2024 budget. It benefits us to understand what is important to residents, and how effective we are at communicating how the municipal budget works. The City’s budget process, balancing both an operating and capital spending plan, determines how effectively we can deliver core services and move action plans forward.” – Natalie Moore, Director of Finance and City Treasurer
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Sep 20, 2023 at 9:31 AM

"This is International Overdose Awareness Day.

The theme this year is, “recognizing those people who go unseen.” We are asked to acknowledge people in our communities who are affected by overdose, who struggle silently, or who are lost within the larger opioid crisis.

On this day, we say … you are seen.

We see the families left to grieve; we remember the individuals who have lost their lives to overdose or drug poisoning; and, we see those who struggle still to overcome the grasp of addiction. Addiction does not discriminate. We are all impacted in a way. I myself have been impacted by this epidemic.

Improving the outcome of mental health and addictions, including the reduction of overdose-opioid death, is a priority under the City’s Community Safety and Well-being Plan.

The City of Timmins is committed to helping families and individuals find pathways to the support they need, while recognizing that community safety and well-being is a shared responsibility.

We are committed to helping people connect to supports and services. We will continue to advocate, with our partners, for more treatment opportunities.

We stand with you today and every day until the fear and risk of overdose is no more … and we will continue to stand with you to remember and honour our lost loved ones."

~ Mayor Michelle Boileau


Learn more about the Community Safety and Well-being Plan at:

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Aug 31, 2023 at 12:16 PM

From Highway Reconstruction to Immigration and Recruitment:
How the City’s AMO Delegation Pushed Northern Priorities at AMO 2023

Mayor Michelle Boileau met with Ministers and provincial staff this week to advocate for three key City priorities focused on improving vital infrastructure, strengthening physician recruitment, and enhancing supports for mental health and addictions.

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario's 2023 AMO Conference in London allowed municipal leaders to bring the City’s opportunities and challenges direct to the province. The City of Timmins delegation included Mayor Boileau and Councillors Steven Black, John Curley, Kristin Murray and Cory Robin, who joined more than 2,000 participants from municipalities and organizations across the province.

“There are concerns that are unique to Northern Ontario,” said Mayor Boileau. “We are strategic in our conversations. We come prepared to promote solutions that are tangible and achievable with support from the Province, and we are fortunate to have a Member of Provincial Parliament who joins us in advocating on behalf of our community. I want to thank Minister George Pirie for attending our municipal delegations to support Timmins.”

Conversations with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation senior officials identified the need for assistance with potential cost of reconstruction for Hwy. 67 (Municipal Rd.), a joint ask from the Town of Iroquois Falls.

The City’s delegation brought forward the need for day and evening treatment programming to Associate Minister of Health, Michael Tibollo, to enhance supports for mental health and addictions in the community. This is a request often discussed at the local level with service agencies to help reinforce treatment options.

Conversations on immigration and the need for a dedicated provincial stream through the Province Nominee Program, were also held to assist efforts for physician recruitment and labour development.

“We have recommended a Northern specific immigration stream, which would help fill local labour gaps specific to our region,” adds Mayor Boileau. “This would build on the success of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) and could be used to prioritize permanent residency applications based on our labour market needs.”

Mayor Boileau was also able to present City Council’s term priorities to ministers and senior provincial staff, which include housing, a focus of this year’s AMO conference. As the province continues to tackle the housing crisis, Council plans to encourage development, prioritize supportive housing, and work with all levels of government to build more homes.

Learn more about how City Council’s term priorities at:

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Aug 24, 2023 at 10:37 AM

Focus Group

L-R: Feather Metatwabin, Christina Kioke, Sabrina Vincent, Mayor Michelle Boileau, Councillor Cory Robin, Jennifer Constant, Angie Bourgeois, Roxanne Martin, and Hazel Esquat


Timmins ON - On July 31, 2023, I had the privilege to meet with over 24 community members representing nine Indigenous service agencies and organizations that operate within the city of Timmins. The purpose was to discuss the safety and well-being of their clients, colleagues, families, and friends.

The discussion was difficult. Their experiences of racism, marginalization, trauma, and fear are disheartening. These conversations are necessary, however, to understand how and why Timmins needs to improve.

What gave me hope was the sincere request for accountability, action, and understanding. Everyone in attendance came with a purpose and a plan. Recommendations included trauma training for City Council; a review of past, present, and future municipal policies to ensure fairness and equity; and, anti-stigma communication to highlight Indigenous success stories and role models. We spoke of how the City can support cross-cultural education and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents, including new Canadians. We identified the need for affordable housing and for clarification around property standards and enforcement.

There was mention of ‘movement and milestones’ – the need for action now to foster well-being, and the need for long-term planning of solution-based initiatives, which can help to empower the Indigenous community. One ask was for an increase in Indigenous-led, culture-based outreach that Council had also identified. A contract for the City’s Outreach Services pilot project has since been awarded to Mushkegowuk Fire Keeper Patrol to start later this month.

Council remains committed to delivering on the calls to action for Truth and Reconciliation, addressing human needs, and establishing an economic alliance with Indigenous partners.


Mayor Michelle Boileau, City of Timmins

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Aug 09, 2023 at 3:32 PM

Mona Fortier

Yesterday, Mayor Boileau had the opportunity to sit down with The Honourable Mona Fortier, President of the Treasury Board, to talk about housing, healthcare, and funding for homelessness prevention.

“We talked about the permanency of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) and how it benefits rural communities by providing access to skilled foreign workers. Timmins was one of only 11 communities chosen across Canada to participate in RNIP. We’re urging the federal government to make this a permanent program.

“We talked about healthcare in Timmins and access to primary care, particularly for First Nation communities. With better access to health care available to our Indigenous partners, the capacity of our regional hospital will be supported. There is funding the federal government can provide now that will help our health care providers upgrade, enhance, and expand health services in Timmins.

“We talked about Canada’s current homelessness strategy and how it works with the national housing strategy; specifically, how the federal government can support our community’s need to increase affordable housing. We know that industry plans, particularly in the mining sector, will require more skilled labour. We also need support with homelessness prevention, and that starts with having a place to call home.

“We joined a discussion with the Timmins Chamber of Commerce where we talked about federal support for businesses transitioning to a green economy and Canada’s goal of being net-zero by 2050. Sustainable and prosperous economies require investment, and our local businesses need assistance making this transition and achieving this milestone. The City of Timmins supports measures to mitigate climate change. Our own efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through mindful operations has been successful.

“I want to thank Mona Fortier for giving me the opportunity to talk openly about what our community needs. Conversations are happening – that have to happen – to help Timmins thrive.” ~ Mayor Michelle Boileau

Housing, the economy, and the environment are all council priorities for this term of council. Learn more at:

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Jul 19, 2023 at 3:09 PM

Earlier this week, Mayor Michelle Boileau and Councillor Cory Robin had the opportunity to tour the Côté Gold mining project, located 125 km’s southwest of Timmins near Gogama.

During Mining Week in June, Mayor Boileau had commented that, while Timmins’ 110-year history of mining is well-documented, we can still confidently say that Timmins’ future is mining … and the future is now at Côté Gold.

The latest in autonomous mining technology is being incorporated into one of the most advanced open-pit gold mines, which will be the first in Canada with a fully-automated fleet. Not to mention, the second largest open-pit mine in the country.

Here’s what we discovered:

  • There are currently 6 autonomous CAT 793 haul trucks moving mining ore and waste to support commissioning later this year.
  • Autonomous mining is technology driven to improve mine safety, improve efficiency, improve productivity and operations.
  • The projected mine life is 18+ years with gold production anticipated to start in early 2024.
  • The mine will require a direct workforce of 500+ by the end of the year, supported by the opening of the Côté Gold Timmins bus terminal to shuttle employees back and forth to the mine site.

Côté Gold provides economic benefit to the Timmins’ area through direct and indirect labour development (there are currently 1800+ contractors and 261 full-time employees); is committed to supporting the community and engaging with our Indigenous partners; is environmentally responsible; and, works to maintain a high-level of health and safety standards.

There is unmined potential and opportunity in our city and region. We are ready.

Learn more about how your City Council is working to diversify and strengthen Timmins’ economy, and work with partner organizations to bolster and grow the current labour force: City Council Priorities 2023-26.

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Jul 07, 2023 at 1:31 PM
City Council has approved Pads K9 Protection and Detection Services to lead a one-year pilot project for security patrols across the city. The goal is to provide an additional level of safety overnight and to help prevent unwanted vandalism and crime.

The $100,336 cost is being recovered from the City’s portion of the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT), which is money collected by local hotels on overnight stays. For the next 12 months, private security will be conducting foot and drive-by patrols between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., seven days a week. Council had previously approved the expense as part of the 2023 City budget.

“It is not ideal to have to add security patrols to bolster community safety,” says Mayor Michelle Boileau. “Council did not arrive at this decision lightly, but we have residents and business owners who are asking for help now to feel safe. This is one idea that can be implemented immediately, without burdening our tax base. By next month, we will have a mobile security patrol on the street to identify anything out of place and report it immediately to Timmins Police Service.”

Council’s recent town hall on community safety was attended by over 1,200 residents concerned with high incidents of crime, break and enters, theft of property, and trespassing.

“We are optimistic that the added presence of private security will serve as a crime deterrent and help reduce unwanted property crime and theft,” adds Boileau. “This is a pilot project and we need to review the results to see if this will work for Timmins, but it’s an answer today when asked, “What is City Council doing now to improve safety.”
Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Jun 29, 2023 at 9:56 AM

Yesterday, the province announced this year’s recipients of the Ontario Medal for Police Bravery. The medal is the province's highest honour and is given to police officers who have demonstrated great courage in risking their lives to save the lives of others.

Two of the officers recognized are members of Timmins Police Service, Sergeant Robin Carter and Constable Mark Lauzon.

“I want to thank both officers for helping to protect our community. The courage and commitment you bring to the police force does not go unnoticed. Your work brings you into some of the most difficult and dangerous circumstances; yet, you respond willingly to keep the rest of us safe. Thank you.” ~ Mayor Michelle Boileau


Pictured are Constable Mark Lauzon, Deputy Chief Henry Dacosta, and Sergeant Robin Carter.

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Jun 23, 2023 at 3:11 PM

One week after the City’s public town hall to discuss community safety, Mayor Michelle Boileau has issued a statement reflecting on the concerns brought forward by residents and business owners.

“It takes courage to stand up and speak before a crowd on experiences that are often personal and painful,” began Mayor Boileau. “As the arena floor filled up, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of frustration, but also the feeling of conviction and determination. You came prepared to fight for your city, your homes, your livelihood, and your safety.”

The Mayor’s statement is included in a full report outlining the key takeaways from the town hall, and a commitment to provide the answers and information that was requested on June 15.

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Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Jun 22, 2023 at 4:26 PM

Mayor Michelle Boileau and members of City Council have moved the location of the Public Town Hall to the arena facility at the McIntyre Community Centre. The space has larger capacity and will be able seat more attendees.

The Thursday, June 15 citizen’s forum is an opportunity for residents to share their experiences, suggestions and concerns around community safety. Representatives of the Timmins Police Service Board will also be in attendance.

The City has set some guidelines to make sure town hall remains a respectful and open environment:

  • The town hall will be moderated. Members of the public will be asked to line up at one of the provided microphones to ask their question or make a comment.
  • There will be zero tolerance for hate speech or any other disrespectful behaviours. Attendees in violation will be asked to leave.
  • Bags and large personal effects like backpacks, duffel bags, or totes will not be permitted into the venue.

The goal of this public town hall is to create an opportunity for dialogue between City officials and community members. Questions and comments are not required in advance and attendees do not need to pre-register to speak.

WHAT: Public Town Hall

WHEN: Thursday, June 15, 2023

TIME: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

WHERE: McIntyre Community Centre - Arena

Posted by Amanda Dyer  On Jun 13, 2023 at 12:33 PM
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