Heart of Gold Civic Recognition Program

Heart of Gold


The Heart of Gold Civic Recognition Program gives the Mayor and Members of Council the opportunity to celebrate individuals and groups who deserve special recognition for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the community.

You can nominate eligible individuals, community groups, and organizations for a Heart of Gold Civic Recognition Award. 


How to nominate for the Heart of Gold Civic Recognition Program:


Categories and Eligibility:

The Heart of Gold Civic Recognition Program recognizes volunteer community service, achievements in sports, youth community and civic engagement, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics).

Volunteer and Community Service

Volunteer and community service includes efforts toward improving the community, such as advancing health and social services, improving accessibility and developing recreational activities, culture or the arts within the community. Only volunteer and  community service to an organization which directly benefits Timmins is eligible for recognition.

Youth Community and Civic Engagement

Nominees for this award are youth, 24 years old or younger, who have contributed more than 100 voluntary hours to community and civic activities. Only individuals or youth groups whose contributions directly benefit Timmins are eligible.

Achievement in Sports

For the purpose of these awards, “sports” is defined as those activities requiring physical conditioning and/or refinement of motor skills so that competitive excellence may be achieved. Championships recognized for eligibility are those accepted by the sport's governing body to be the highest competition available to that sport, at either a local, regional, provincial, national or international level. Certificates in recognition of achievement in sports will be issued for the highest level achieved by the particular athlete or team, at the end of the sport's season. For example, a team that wins a City-wide championship as well as a regional championship will be
eligible for a certificate in recognition of the regional championship only.

Achievement in STEAM

Recognition is given to individuals who have achieved acclaim through competitions, juried shows, art exhibitions or commissioned works. Achievements in areas other than sports including science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. An accredited body in the field of endeavour may be consulted to confirm eligibility.

For the purpose of these awards, “the arts” includes:

  • Performing arts, e.g. dance, drama, music
  • Visual arts, e.g. painting, sculpting, photography
  • Media arts, e.g. film, television, literature
  • Creative arts, e.g. crafts


Nomination and Recognition

Recipients of the Heart of Gold Civic Recognition Program may be nominated by a member of the public, the Mayor, a Member of Council, or a member of City of Timmins staff. Nominations are forwarded to the Review Committee. The Review Committee will verify requirements for eligibility. Nominees who have previously been nominated will be eligible again after a period of 5 years.

A list of potential recipients is reviewed by the Review Committee before confirming final recipients and/or publishing names. Nominators and recipients of awards are notified by the Executive Assistant to the Mayor.

The following information is requested with each nomination:

  • The number of years or hours the nominee(s) has been involved in the activity
  • Specific dates the nominee(s) worked on project(s) or held title(s), if applicable
  • Complete details of the group or individual’s accomplishments, including specific examples, if applicable; and
  • For groups, a complete list of the executive membership (names and addresses) must accompany the nomination form

Nomination period is from the 1st of every month to the 16th of every month, to be considered for the following month. Nominations received after the 16th day will be considering for the next nomination period.

If an organization has been nominated for a group award and a member of that group is to be recognized individually with a personalized award certificate, a separate nomination form must be submitted. The individual must also meet the criteria outlined in this policy. Citizen members of committees may also be honored posthumously.