Municipal Alcohol Policy

In order that as many people as possible can enjoy the facilities in a manner that encourages the health and safety of the participants and the protection of municipal facilities, a policy for the orderly use of alcohol during events and functions has developed. this guide outlines these regulations.

General Guidelines

Youth Admittance to Adult Events. Persons under nineteen (19) years of age are prohibited unless accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at events where alcoholic beverages are served.

Server Training

The Event Servers, Door Supervisors, and Floor Supervisors must have been trained in responsible server techniques and successfully completed a Smart Serve Program.

Provision of Low-alcohol Drinks

At least 35% of the available alcohol must consist of low-alcohol beverages. Non-alcohol drinks must be available at no charge or at a cost significantly lower than that of drinks containing alcohol. High alcohol beers above 5% alcohol are prohibited.

Safe Transportation

The event sponsor must implement a transportation program to ensure that patrons arrive home safely. The sponsor must promote Sober Driver Spot Check Awareness (RIDE).


Provide Proof of Insurance (insurance certificate) at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event, indicating that the event sponsor has purchased a MINIMUM of $5 000 000 in LIABILITY INSURANCE and that the municipality is named as an Additional Named Insured on this policy.

CONTROLS A SPECIAL OCCASION PERMIT event must have controls which will prevent underage, intoxicated or rowdy people from entering; prevent participants from becoming intoxicated; refuse service to intoxicated participants and remove them safely from the event.

The event sponsor must provide a list of event workers to the Recreation Director at least two (2) weeks prior to the event, along with each worker’s Smart Serve Program registration number.

The event sponsor must obtain a Special Occasion Permit from the liquor Licensee Board of Ontario, and must show proof of this to the Recreation Department at least five (5) days prior to the event.

Municipal Alcohol Policy

  • The facility entrance will be monitored by two (2) people aged nineteen (19) years old or over. All exits must be supervised.
  • The only acceptable forms of identification will be an Age of Majority Card or a Driver’s License with photo.
  • The person who signs the Special Occasion Permit application and the rental agreement must attend the event, refrain from consuming alcohol while at the event and be responsible for making decisions regarding the operation of the event.
  • All event workers must refrain from drinking alcohol while on duty.
  • The event sponsor must ensure that the physical setting is safe for both drinkers and non-drinkers, and must prevent patrons from engaging in activities that can harm themselves or others.
  • A Floor Supervisor will available to ticket sellers if they require assistance in managing a person who is refused a sale.
  • All bottles must be retained within the bar area. All drinks must be served in plastic or paper cups.
  • The event sponsor must abide by the rules of the Municipal Alcohol Policy and Liquor License Board of Ontario.
  • The event sponsor is financially responsible for providing a minimum of two (2) off-duty police officers.
  • Marketing practices which encourage increased consumption, such as oversized drinks, pitchers of beer, drinking contest, and volume discounts are not permitted.
  • A minimum of two (2) people will be designated to sell bar tickets.
  • Tickets must be purchased from a designated ticket seller and redeemed at the bar, maximum of four (4) tickets per purchase.
  • Unused tickets are to be redeemed for cash on demand at any time during the event.
  • There will be no last call.
  • A free bar event must have trained Servers and Floor Supervisors.
  • All event workers must wear highly visual identification.
  • In order to reduce the risk of intoxication, staff should encourage patrons to consume food and low-alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Accountability: At least one municipal representative with authority to demand correction and/or to shut down an event on behalf of the Municipality may attend all Special Occasion Permit Events.

FAQs on the Municipal Alcohol Policy

Which municipal facilities are eligible for events which require a Special Occasion Permit for alcohol?

  • A. D. Sportsplex Arena Floor (non ice-times)
  • A. D. Sportsplex Arena, Lower Foyer and Conference Rooms
  • A. D. Sportsplex Pool Observation Room
  • Connaught Community Centre
  • H. R. Bielek Senior Citizens Centre
  • Hollinger Park
  • Hoyle Community Centre
  • Maurice Londry Community Centre
  • Mountjoy Arena Floor (non ice-times)
  • McIntyre Community Building
  • Timmins Museum - National Exhibition Centre
  • Vipond Park
  • Whitney Arena Floor (non ice-times)
  • Whitney Community Centre

Are there any municipal facilities which are NOT suitable for Special Occasion Permit events?

YES. The following are not suitable for these events:

  • The change rooms in our Recreation Facilities
  • All other municipality facilities unless specifically mentioned as eligible

Are any EVENTS not eligible for Special Occasion Permits?

YES. These include all youth events and all minor sport events, including minor banquets. Street parties are also ineligible for these permits.