Street Occupancy Permits

In order for The City of Timmins to ensure public safety, reduce public impact, protect City infrastructure from damage and reduce liability. A street occupancy permit is required as per Bylaw 1984-2174 Obstructing and Encumbering of Streets.
No persons shall occupy, break, excavate, dig up, tear up, or remove any portion of any highway or boulevard, or any planking, sidewalk, curbing, pavement or road structure of any sort, forming the surface of any City of Timmins highway, or make excavation in or under any City of Timmins highway boulevard or sidewalk for the purpose of building or otherwise, unless they obtain a street occupancy permit from the Public Works Department. 

Examples of Activities that Require a Permit
   • Construction on a road, boulevard or sidewalk
   • Temporary or partial road closures
   • Window washing or building maintenance while occupy a sidewalk
   • Working from the road or sidewalk to carryout work on private property 
   • Utility repairs or installations 
   • Placement of moving containers, dumpsters and storage on the road or the boulevard
   • Placement, of building or landscaping materials on the road or the boulevard
   • Sidewalk obstructions that impact pedestrian traffic 
   • Road closure without  the approval of council

Road Cut Fee

Any time the city’s road way, boulevard, or sidewalk must be cut and/or excavated, a road cut fee must be paid in addition to the road occupancy fees. The permit holder must supply the City of Timmins with the following; site plan and any corresponding details, Dimensions of Road Cut and Excavation Depth. City personnel will inspect the work site to insure the Timmins Engineering standards are followed and restoration has been completed to its original state. The street occupancy permit must be held until complete restoration and clean-up of the work site is completed unless arrangements have been made prior to the permit approval.
Click to download Manual of Engineering Standards & Specifications.


Required Documentation

All applicants must include a copy of Comprehensive/Commercial General Liability Insurance naming the City of Timmins as additional insured in the amount of 5 million dollars, and an illustration of the traffic management plan with the associated streets that has been prepared based on the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 as a minimum.  


Permit Application 

Permits can be obtained from: 
   • The City of Timmins Website - Click to download Street Occupancy Permit form , Click to download Terms & Conditions
   • By calling Public Works (705-360-2600 ext.5036) 
   • Email -  [email protected]

Completed permits can be sent to [email protected] for approval. The City of Timmins can accept payments made by EFT, mailed cheque or in person. Once payments have been received, the permit will be emailed to the applicant. In the event the permit is not sufficiently completed or the traffic management plan is not deemed sufficient the applicant will be notified.  Please allow two business days for processing.



When a permit has been issued, city personnel will perform regular inspections of the work site to ensure that the permit holder’s traffic plan is set up as described in the approved permit. The permit holder is also expected to contact the Utility Coordinator prior to any changes to the permit and if at any time unexpected issues or damages arise or if an extension of the permit is required.