Emergency Services

No one wants to find themselves in an emergency situation, but if you need the help of a police officer, fire fighter, or paramedic, our city is well-served by the efforts of the Timmins Police Service, Timmins Fire Department, and EMS.

Emergency Vehicles

It is important that motorists know what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching. Police, fire, and EMS need unrestricted and safe passage through the city to move injured persons, crews and equipment. When you hear a siren or see flashing lights approaching, you are required to slow down, signal, move to the right side of the road clear of any intersections, and stop. Learn more from the Ministry of Transportation.

Emergency Prevention

Emergency Services starts with prevention. Each service agency works together to provide residents with knowledge and information to help prevent an emergency before it happens. Emergency preparedness starts at home. Here, you will find more information on how to create a fire evacuation plan or prepare an emergency kit.

Emergency Management Plan

The City is also ready with an Emergency Management Plan that can address a variety of emergency situations. In the event of an emergency situation, the plan guides the actions of key officials and assigns responsibility with the safety of residents the primary concern. Under the Emergency Services Act, municipalities are required to adopt an Emergency Management Plan approved by the Director of Emergency Services. Regional Emergency Management Planning Officers work closely with municipalities, local service districts, or regional committees during the development of emergency management plans.

View the City's Emergency Management Plan.