Highlighting the North’s Agricultural Potential … One Farm at a Time! 
Mid-morning on a dairy farm in the heart of Timmins and Mayor Michelle Boileau and Councillor Rock Whissell are learning more about how Haasen Farms Ltd. operates. Not the Mayor’s normal Friday morning, but one that carries with it the opportunity for agricultural revival in Timmins and Northern Ontario.

On Friday, Mayor Boileau and Councillor Whissell joined Minister Lisa Thompson, Minister of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs, for a tour of four farming operations in Timmins and Matheson, part of a day long discussion hosted by Commerce Management and the Northeast Community Network (NeCN) as part of the Claybelt Agricultural Project. The project aims to enhance farm production in the north and highlight the tremendous potential for agriculture to become the third major pillar in the region’s economy. Timmins is part of a group of municipalities along the Hwy. 11 corridor who have invested in the project.

It was a small bit of history for Timmins, the first time a Minister of Agriculture has toured the area, more significantly with the Minister of Mines, and Timmins MPP, George Pirie. Collaboration across the regions economic pillars could be key to how quickly agriculture and farming joins mining and forestry as economic drivers for the area.

“We had an opportunity to talk about how Timmins’ economy can be diversified and flourish,” says Mayor Boileau. “It’s important for the City of Timmins to be front and centre in these discussions, to not only support our farming sector, but to emphasize the importance of stimulating agricultural development in a way that is sustainable and environmentally conscious.”

Timmins’ City Council received an update on the Claybelt Agricultural Project in July. The benefit to establishing agriculture in Timmins, aside from benefiting the economy, is the potential for job creation and food security. Ultimately, it’s part of future planning for our community and region.

“Our tour of Rubber Boot Farm highlighted how farming in the north has the capacity to support the environment,” adds Mayor Boileau. “Regenerative farming, working with nature and not against it, protects the land and delivers quality, nutritious food products. We have innovative farmers here, in our community, who are pushing the industry forward. We were happy to be able to show Minister Thompson what Timmins and the north has to offer.

For more information on the Claybelt Agricultural Project visit: https://bit.ly/3B1fpZe
Posted by Amanda Dyer On 12/5/2022 at 11:52 AM  

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