Council Approves City’s 2023 Budget 
Today, City Council approved the 2023 Budget with an overall net levy increase of 3.26 percent, which includes the municipal contribution to agencies, boards and commissions (ABC’s). This translates to an approximate 2.35 percent tax increase for residential property owners. For a median property assessed at $192,000, this means an increase of approximately $85 per year or $7.08 per month over 2022.

This year’s budget increase can be attributed to an escalation in construction costs, with the City taking on the Golden Manor redevelopment project this year, and high costs in social services, health, and policing. To offset some of the increase, City Council opted to draw money from the City’s tax stabilization reserve and remove any council requests greater than $200,000.

Operating Budget

The City’s 2023 Net Operating Budget is $35,602,649 reflecting a net increase of $347,821, and is used to support municipal services like road maintenance, waste management, and public transit.

Cost drivers for Public Works continues to be an increase in material costs. Asphalt prices have increased by 27.5 percent; both the cost of salt and snow removal contractors have increased by at least 10 percent; traffic paint has increased by 30 percent; and fuel prices have gone up approximately 59 percent.

Capital Budget

The City’s tax supported contribution of $10,131,926 towards a total capital budget of approximately $29.7 million, includes an increase of $707,263 and is used to maintain, repair and replace municipal assets like roadways, bridges, municipal parks, and public transportation.

Many of the City’s capital projects are identified in the City’s Asset Management Plan, updated in 2022, and the Municipal Long-Term Financial Plan, implemented in 2020. The capital budget weighs current need against future growth and expansion.

2023 Budget Highlights Include:

• $20.8 million towards Connecting Link reconstruction - $10 million of total cost from provincial funding
• $4.9 million for various transit-related projects including terminal renovations, bus replacements, and farebox system software – offset with external funding
• $1.5 million for “grind and pave” road resurfacing
• $1.4 million for street lights and culvert replacements.
• $1 million debt repayment for Golden Manor – lessens impact when full payment is required in 2024.
• $950,000 for Public Works site upgrade design and purchase of an asphalt recycler and brine storage facility.
• $800,000 for recreation upgrades including continued development of the skateboard park and re-surfacing of the multi-use pad at Melview park.
• $500,000 for road upgrades to Government Rd. N. including pulverization, grading and surface treatment.
• $450,000 for landfill site orientation, improvements, and soil management facility development.
• $175,000 for Porcupine River Bridge design – funded by reserve.


“Creating a municipal budget that balances operating costs with future planning and investment is always a challenge,” says Mayor Michelle Boileau. “Council worked to minimize the impact to rate payers by eliminating council requests over $200,000, allocating funds from the City’s tax stabilization reserve, and prioritizing projects that will see a greater long-term return.

“Council is also committed to addressing key concerns that are impacting the well-being of residents today. That is why you will see a portion of the City’s Municipal Accommodations Tax set aside to explore options that support public safety. We are working with staff to determine the feasibility of expanding the City’s CIP Safety Improvement Grant and adding overnight private security and street outreach programs within the community.”

“While the City’s operating expenses are increasing due to higher material, utility, and labour costs, we have attempted to keep the overall impact in check,” says Dave Landers, Chief Administrative Officer. “This year’s budget captures the added cost of maintaining municipal services, while leaving room to invest in the programs and services that will move Timmins forward.”
Posted by Amanda Dyer On 4/5/2023 at 5:06 PM  

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