Association of Municipalities of Ontario's 2023 AMO Conference 

From Highway Reconstruction to Immigration and Recruitment:
How the City’s AMO Delegation Pushed Northern Priorities at AMO 2023

Mayor Michelle Boileau met with Ministers and provincial staff this week to advocate for three key City priorities focused on improving vital infrastructure, strengthening physician recruitment, and enhancing supports for mental health and addictions.

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario's 2023 AMO Conference in London allowed municipal leaders to bring the City’s opportunities and challenges direct to the province. The City of Timmins delegation included Mayor Boileau and Councillors Steven Black, John Curley, Kristin Murray and Cory Robin, who joined more than 2,000 participants from municipalities and organizations across the province.

“There are concerns that are unique to Northern Ontario,” said Mayor Boileau. “We are strategic in our conversations. We come prepared to promote solutions that are tangible and achievable with support from the Province, and we are fortunate to have a Member of Provincial Parliament who joins us in advocating on behalf of our community. I want to thank Minister George Pirie for attending our municipal delegations to support Timmins.”

Conversations with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation senior officials identified the need for assistance with potential cost of reconstruction for Hwy. 67 (Municipal Rd.), a joint ask from the Town of Iroquois Falls.

The City’s delegation brought forward the need for day and evening treatment programming to Associate Minister of Health, Michael Tibollo, to enhance supports for mental health and addictions in the community. This is a request often discussed at the local level with service agencies to help reinforce treatment options.

Conversations on immigration and the need for a dedicated provincial stream through the Province Nominee Program, were also held to assist efforts for physician recruitment and labour development.

“We have recommended a Northern specific immigration stream, which would help fill local labour gaps specific to our region,” adds Mayor Boileau. “This would build on the success of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) and could be used to prioritize permanent residency applications based on our labour market needs.”

Mayor Boileau was also able to present City Council’s term priorities to ministers and senior provincial staff, which include housing, a focus of this year’s AMO conference. As the province continues to tackle the housing crisis, Council plans to encourage development, prioritize supportive housing, and work with all levels of government to build more homes.

Learn more about how City Council’s term priorities at:

Posted by Amanda Dyer On 8/24/2023 at 10:37 AM  

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