Marriage Licence

For assistance, contact Service Timmins by phone: (705) 264-1331

NEW!!! City of Timmins now offers the ability to complete your marriage licence application online and in the comfort of your own home!  No need to come in a submit your application, it will be sent to Service Timmins electronically where it will be processed. 

Once it is completed a Service Timmins agent will contact you to come in and pay for your licence.

Completing the online application will take 25-30 minutes and both applicants must be present to provide their required information. 

The required supporting documents can be uploaded to the online application but the originals must also be presented at the time that the licences is issued.

Once submitted the application cannot be changed, please ensure that it has been carefully reviewed.  Once submitted a reference number will be provided and this can be used if the applicants need to contact Service Timmins about the application.


To obtain a marriage licence, ensure that both parties meet the criteria below, and then complete the online application form.


During the online application, the applicant will be requested to upload the required supporting documents, however the applicant will also be required to present the originals when the licence is issued.

  • Both parties MUST be present when completing the online application.

  • A Marriage Licence can only be issued and signed by the prospective applicants.

  • Applicants 16-17 years of age must have special consent from parents/guardians. Persons under 16 years of age cannot be issued a Marriage Licence

  • TWO pieces of original valid identification (no copies permitted), as outlined below, must be presented for both parties in order for a marriage licence to be issued.

1st piece of identification MUST be one of the following:
A birth certificate
A current passport
A record of immigrant landing
A Canadian citizenship card

2nd piece of identification MUST be in the form of photo ID:
A valid driver’s licence
Canadian Status Card
A BYID age of majority card

  • If you are divorced, within Canada, we require the ORIGINAL or a COURT CERTIFIED COPY of the Certificate of Divorce or Decree Absolute, whichever applies, is required.

  • If you are divorced, outside of Canada, consent from the Office of the Registrar General must be obtained before City Hall can issue a licence.

  • Prior to applying for a Marriage Licence, please check with the person solemnizing the ceremony whether you require a Marriage License from City Hall.

  • Once a Marriage Licence is processed, it must be paid for, and monies cannot be reimbursed.

  • The Marriage Licence is valid for use anywhere in Ontario for a period of 3 months from the date of issue. Should you not marry within that time period, you must apply for and pay for a new licence.

  • The Marriage Licence will be issued within 1-2 business days provided that all required documents are submitted.

  • Applicants will be contacted once the license has been completed and it is ready to be issued.

  • Licence Fee:  payable by Cash or INTERAC ONLY.

    2022 - $170.00
    2023 - $175.00
    2024 - $180.00
    2025 - $185.00
  • Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday
    City Hall, Main Main Floor - Service Timmins
    220 Algonquin Blvd. East
    Timmins, Ontario
    P4N 1B3
    Telephone 705-264-1331

Click here to start your online application!


Civil Marriage Solemnization

Civil marriage solemnizations can be done by one of the officiants listed below who are authorized to perform marriages both at City Hall or off site. 

  • Applicants must purchase a marriage licence, payable by cash or debit.
    2022 - $170.00
    2023 - $175.00
    2024 - $180.00
    2025 - $185.00
  • The cost to have the marriage solemnized by an officiant, payable in cash only.
  • 2022 - $275.00
    2023 - $275.00
    2024 - $275.00
    2025 - $300.00
  • If the marriage is performed at City Hall there is a cost for the use of the Council Chambers, payable by cash or debit.
  • 2022 - $75.00
    2023 - $75.00
    2024 - $75.00
    2025 - $75.00
  • The marriage may also be solemnized at another location chosen by the couple and agreed to by the officiant.

The following persons are authorized to solemnize marriages:

  • JACK WATSON (Retired City Clerk) Telephone: 705-266-5226
  • GUY LAMARCHE Telephone: 705-365-6440