Business Licensing

Do you need a business licence to open or operate a business in Timmins?

A business licence refers to any licence, permit, or certification required to sell goods or services. Different types of licences are issued by federal, provincial, and municipal government. In the City of Timmins, the Enforcement Services Dept. is responsible for the issuance of business licences. Municipal business licences are required to protect the health and safety of business clients or customers, and to ensure consistency for business owners. 

Business Licensing By-law 2016-7798 provides the rules and regulations for each licensed business. The information below is sorted by  business category and is intended  to assist in determining the licensing requirements needed to open and operate a business.

Business Licences expire each year on December 31 and are renewed annual on January 1. Licence applications received throughout the year are prorated to expire on December 31.  

Licence applications must be submitted with payment to Service Timmins, located on the Main Floor at City Hall.

Business License Category and Criteria